Noragami Aragoto Episode 5


aragoto5a “Divine Acclamation, Imprecation”

Fridays at 1:05 pm EST on Funimation

Yukine does some vaguely alluded to magic bullshit and comes back even stronger, as Bishamon is increasingly consumed by the madness of her blight.

‘Cause two swords are always better than one right guys? Okay, it might be that Sword Art Online has poisoned the well as far as dual wielding goes, but it is kinda hilarious that Yukine’s powerup is just “I was one sword, we need more sword so now I am two swords.” As I said, there is some allusion to Regalia evolution after Kazuma’s first form was revealed to be vastly different than it was before. It still doesn’t make Yukine’s miraculous recovery any less dumb, but it at least gave us another chunk of good fighting.


What was almost even more entertaining, at least in a very macabre way, was watching Kugeha run roughshod over the rest of the regalia with his cow-demon-thing. The phantom designs can be some of the best and most unnerving things, and this skeletal monstrosity really brings things to another level. I hope we can learn soon how he is able to capture and exploit phantoms, I assume it has something to do with his power over Kazuma. The one thing I do find kinda weird about the whole situation is that the Regalia felt the need to hide everything from Bishamon. I suppose it is in human nature to hide weakness, even towards our loved ones, but you would think that Kazuma would have instated a blanket openness policy after it was this kind of repressive nonsense that almost got Bishamon killed the first time. I guess as Kugeha showed, he knows as much about his new coven as he did the last


This episode of Aragoto really showed its shounen strings. Ridiculous power ups combined with out of nowhere ressurrections wasn’t enough, we had to have a cool down hug to top everything off. I suppose the nature of Yato and Bishamon’s fight was never going to get Bishamon to see the truth, as violence is just aggrivating Bishamon’s trauma from the original incident. Still doesn’t save the moment from being one of the cheesiest things I’ve seen┬ásince Pikachu cried Ash back to live.

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