GLORIO Winter 2016 Anime Guide Part 3

2016 Winter_3

For the final part of our Guide, we clean up an outbreak of Visual/Light Novel trash, including a new Muv Luv anime that has me shivering with flashbacks of Total Eclipse. But hey, there’s a new Macross coming soon so maybe everything will be OK.

Part 1 of our Winter 2016 guide can be found here and Part 2 can be found here.

Four Rhythm Across the Blue

Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm, AoKana

Visual Novel Adaptation by Gonzo
Air Date: 1/11/2016
From the makers of Love, Election, and Chocolate – yeah, remember that? – comes a new story set in a distant island where people have invented shoes that let you fly. The shoes are used for some kind of new sport called “Flying Circus” that our protagonist has recently quit after a crushing defeat. Basically swap that with any club activity in any visual novel story and you can probably make out the rest. Forgive me for not getting too excited about an anime based on the follow up to B-list VN, but the trailer is super boring and gives no indication that it will be anything more than that.

Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle

Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut

Light Novel Adaptation by Lerche
Air Date: 1/11/2016
Guhhhh I thought we got Light Novel Bingo out of our system last season… so our hero sees the princess naked and she challenges him to mecha dragon duel because she thinks he sucks at mecha dragoning but OF COURSE he is actually the best mecha dragon rider but now refuses to attack anyone, giving him the title “Undefeated Weakest” mecha dragoneer. HOW ARE PEOPLE ALLOWING THESE THINGS TO KEEP BEING MADE??? Throw in the fact that the main guy looks exactly like the main guy from DanMachi and they are reviving the “single tail” hairstyle that pissed me off enough to write a sonnet about it, and I’m done. Go watch Rage of Bahumut: Genesis for something good with “Bahamut” in the title.

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar

Light Novel Adaptation by A-1 Pictures
Air Date: 1/11/2016
I can’t blame A-1 Pictures for trying to find the next Sword Art Online but this is so shameless it’s hilarious. I guess it is mechanically different as our hero wakes up in a mysterious world that is only “like” a video game, or at least as far as we can tell for now. I also have to say, the trailer just looks like a better show. Could it be our main guy is not an invincible god of destruction and actually has to be a part of his RPG party, working as a team? It at least seems to have similar resources poured into it as this is one of the best looking shows I’ve seen this season. I just adore watercolor-ish backgrounds and it looks really nice in general. I’d love to see this be good and make everyone forget SAO, as unlikely as that may be.

Muv Luv Alternative: Schwarzesmarken

Light Novel Adaptation by Liden Films
Air Date: 1/11/2016
In the early days of this blog, I used to keep watching bad shows because I enjoyed writing about them. That ended after Muv Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse broke me. Needless to say, I’m incredibly wary of a new series. There are two rays of hope here: First, the story has nothing to do with TE and is set in 1983 East Germany, which could be interesting. Second, many of TE’s problems were production related and I have a faith in Liden Films to do a good job in that regard. The action heavy trailer already looks like a big improvement. That said, hearing dumb things like the story centering on the “666th” squadron and seeing key visuals like this make think I will not repeat the mistake of keeping this one.

Bless This Wonderful World!

Kono Suburashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

Light Novel Adaptation by Studio Deen
Air Date: 1/14/2016
Some nerd dies and is reincarnated in a world that looks suspiciously like a JRPG. This catches the attention of the Demon King and I guess he has to team up with his hot girlfriends to fight him. Yawn. This show seems to be aiming for serviceable at best. The trailer looks incredibly average and with DEEEEEN doing several shows this season I’m guessing they will be struggling to maintain even that level of quality. We will all probably forget about this a week after we do the First Look.

Ajin: Demi-Human

Manga Adaptation by Polygon Pictures
Air Date: 1/16/2016
So if I’m putting this together correctly, there is a trilogy of movies for this that started in November and on January 16th they will release the entire TV anime series on Netflix in Japan. Not sure how or if we will be able to cover this if that is the case, but we will do our best. It makes sense as this is by the same studio responsible for Knights of Sidonia, which has had close ties with Netflix in their efforts to expand into the anime market. Unfortunately that means it also has the same ugly CG style that masks what could otherwise be an interesting premise. A boy is seemingly killed in an accident but discovers he’s an “Ajin”, a rare, recently discovered type of immortal human. Words gets out and he must go on the run from the various types of people that would pay to get a hold of him. Could be good but it looks like there a few technical hurdles to overcome.

Macross Delta

Anime Original by Satelite
Air Date: 1/2016
I’m pretty much going to be excited about new Macross no matter what as I love the original series and Frontier was pretty solid, so I’m looking forward to this. Delta is bringing the franchise up to date with current idol trends by forming a full group of girls, including a newcomer who they grabbed in open auditions a la Megumi Nakajima back in the Frontier days. Oh, you want to know about the story? Eight years after Frontier a group of girls who are probably idols by day and Valkyrie pilots by night or vice versa are fighting the “Var Syndrome”, which I’m assuming like most evils in Macross can be defeated by music. The promos have also shown another mysterious Valkyrie team but not much else is known about them yet. The trailer looks pretty straightforward but I am excited to see a lot of shots of the old mecha from the original series. Frontier did a good job connecting that altogether and hopefully Delta will too. On a programming note, the first episode will be shown at an event on December 31st but as of right now it is not known what the TV broadcast date will be.

4 thoughts on “GLORIO Winter 2016 Anime Guide Part 3

  1. I think could be a pretty strong winter season. Minus the high school base shows I have the following on my radar:

    Active raid, Musaigen no Phanton, Shouwa Genroku (I really hope this turn out well), Dimension W, Ajin Demi Human (I LOVE Sidonia, even with its shit CG), MAcross (YEEEEEEEEEEES).

    There is a fair amount of non standard anime drivel this season so i’m pretty stoked we could be in for a good one. As always thanks for whittling down the selections and taking the time to put these together for us loyal readers 😉

    • And thank you for being a loyal reader, we appreciate that as well. Shouwa Genroku could be good so long as they keep it about the people and not the Rakugo, which seems is really difficult to appreciate from a foreign perspective. Also Ajin only seems to share art style (the worst part) with Sidonia and not the cool space stuff. Macross will probably get a pass in my book just for being Macross, but yeah there’s a couple shows with potential for sure.

  2. haha yikes a lot of these look disappointing- I may or may not skip the truly god-awful looking ones- still have to decide haha.

    On the other hand Ajin, Boku Daka ga Inai Machi, and Dimension W look pretty strong- and there are a ton of second seasons coming in the winter season.

    Hope is not lost!

    • Yeah there are some sequels some of us are looking forward to like Snow White and Durararararara plus I’m happy Osomatsu-san is continuing. There’s always a show or two every season that surprises us too, so I’m sure there will be plenty to watch.

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