Mr. Osomatsu Episode 13



Mondays at 1:45 pm EST on Crunchyroll

What would happen if the Matsuno brothers were re-interpreted as a serious TV drama? What would happen if the Matsuno brothers were the Matsuno sisters? What would happen if one Matsuno brother walked in on another while he was… well, just watch the episode.

Jel’s thoughts

I was going to just enjoy my week off from writing about anime and resume coverage of Osomatsu when the winter Roundup begins, but wow they just came out swinging hard to start the new season. It was interesting to hear the actors’ commentary last week mention how the series has taken on this reputation for being irreverent, even shocking, and this episode embraces that probably more than ever before. It was both incredibly uncomfortable and hilarious to watch, and therefore pretty great.


“Sanematsu-san” revisits the soul crushing realities of adulthood that the show has touched on before, but formatting it as an episode of a serious TV drama (more realistic art style and all) really drove the point home. I don’t know anything about Japanese TV dramas so I don’t know if it was a specific parody, but it was effective nonetheless. Was that a glimpse of the sextuplets middle aged future should they stay on their current life course? Probably.

“Girlymatsu-san” was interesting in proving that the brothers would be just as horrible people if they were ladies. Some of the observations about women they mentioned set off all kinds of sexism alarms in my head, but I think it was OK in the context of showing the sextuplets are terrible regardless of gender. It was definitely a hilarious segment, particularly in how they re-imagined the brothers. Choromatsu as the bookish fujoshi was an obvious choice, but Jyushimatsu as a gyaru was inspired. He always manages to steal the show. Also, nice call having the actors make zero effort to change their voices for the girl characters, which just made the whole segment that much funnier.


This is a classy website so I’ll skip the details of the third segment, let’s just say it was the simplest of them all: put one of the sextuplets in a compromising position most shows wouldn’t dare and then let them all fight during the awkwardness that ensues. In a way it was a perfect counterpart to “Girlymatsu” as both segments boiled down to the Matsunos tearing into each others character flaws. This part had more dumb, juvenile name calling though and therefore was probably funnier. Clearly I am a mature adult. Jyushimatsu is again the best as the brothers say out loud what we’ve all been thinking about his deep, emotional pain. Hopefully it doesn’t go to Daisuke Ono’s head…

This was arguably the funniest, boldest episode of Osomatsu yet and a fantastic way to kick off season 2. Any fears the show might slow down or get too repetitive are completely unfounded for now. It’s become a show I can’t wait to get home from work and watch every Monday, and we’re looking forward to picking back up normal coverage in the Roundup next week.

osomatsu_13-4Marlin’s Thoughts

As a brother with only other brothers, that last segment was what hit me more than anything. Even taking the awkward nature of the fight away, it did an amazingly good job at showing what a fight between brothers is really like. It starts out with the petty pot shots, with each brother trying to gain the high ground, until eventually the whole thing boils over until violence or your parents intercedes. The performances also really sell you on it, as was shown on the commentary track, these voice actors have gotten really comfortable with each other, and the delivery really is starting to feel like a legitimate family. Here’s to hoping Osomatsu-san can continue delivering on this fantastic chemistry.

One thought on “Mr. Osomatsu Episode 13

  1. This show is brilliant. It had me laughing and cringing from start to finish. I always fear the oft times dreaded second season but these guys are off the line quick!!!!

    Girlymatsu had me acheing. Jyushiko….Was it me or did Jyushiko have way more lines that usual? That interpreation was hillarious. He is certainly getting more time on the screen…or it that me just focusing more on his appearances? Till next week!

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