One-Punch Man: Episode 10-12


“Unparalleled Peril”
“The Dominator of the Universe”
“The Strongest Hero”

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Aliens invade, wiping out A City in an instant. Can the S-Class heroes (and this B-class nobody, who invited him anyway?) defend the planet from this threat?

Iro’s Thoughts

Sorry, this is super late! A combination of planned vacations, holiday responsibilities, and our incredible slate of Year End content meant I couldn’t find the chance to work on these posts. Our final thoughts on One-Punch Man should go up, uh… soon, probably.

The oracle Madame Shibabawa has predicted that the earth is in trouble at some point in the next six months, which happens to mean the exact day and time of the S-Class meeting. Convenient that we have all of these cool heroes here to fight off the bad guys. Except, wait… they’re not all that cool. And they don’t do all that much fighting, either… Well, uh, at least Saitama’s around to punch guys while everyone stands around chatting.


I jest, but only a handful of the S-Class heroes get in on the action. Almost all of the S-Class heroes do stuff eventually in the manga, but in all hopes we’ll never see that clusterfuck of an arc animated. It’s a bit awkward to cart out all of these special snowflakes and then have most of them just bail when something actually happens. Worse, in case you thought Japan was done with unfortunate stereotypes, we have Superalloy Blackluster joining Pri-Pri Prisoner in the mostly-naked-and-super-muscular department. At least he’s only a black stereotype instead of also a gay stereotype…? Ugh, I can’t believe I just typed that. ONE, OPM‘s mangaka, goes for the low-hanging anime fruit a bit too often, I think.

Of course, Saitama’s battle with Boros is the climax we’ve all been waiting for (and that’s the phrase we’ve all been saying this entire show, but I really mean it this time!). Boros is basically Dragonball-Z-Man, spouting a bunch of hilarious shonen power-up clich├ęs that would be taken 100% seriously in any other show. In particular, the my-armor-seals-my-power line and Saitama’s reaction is perhaps One-Punch Man‘s most famous gag. Fortunately, while the show channels DBZ for this battle, the animation does not; it goes fucking all out in the finale. We’ve been praising this show’s animation all season, but damn. It really is one of the most impressive sequences in quite a while.


Our Top Ten of 2015 is already out, and One-Punch Man placed above even Glorio favorite JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. That probably means something, right? I guess all it really means is that this post is late, though…


  • The Sky King was in the manga (to go with the Subterranean King and the Deep Sea King, of course), but I like how the anime added the Ancient King and the King of the Underworld to keep the joke going.
  • In retrospect, using “Consecutive Normal Punches” on the lion dude way back when was really overkill.
  • It’s a bit awkward to leave in some of the set-up for later stuff in the manga when there’s (hopefully) no way we’ll ever see that stuff animated.
  • Closing on the rebuilding of City A and the battle memorial is a surprisingly somber ending.

5 thoughts on “One-Punch Man: Episode 10-12

    • There’s not enough material in the manga so far to justify padding out a second season. The alien invasion is also probably the most appropriate stopping point.

  1. The last three episodes provided a pretty solid finish to the season. While I would love to see more, I’m content with this stopping point.

    • Yeah. Not to spoil in case you want to read the manga, but it sort of just slides into an overly-long, power-creep-filled arc that sucks a lot of the fun out of the whole joke.

  2. And super alloy black luster seemed liked the diplomat of the S-class heroes trying to “smooth” over confrontations. “She will kill you”, “He will kill you”…lol

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