First Look: Luck and Logic


Anime Original/Trading Card Game Adaptation by Dogakobo
Streaming on Funimation


In a future where logic from another world has been harnessed into super powers and creates gods, “logicalists” defend the Earth from “foreigners” – monster like invaders from the other world. A veteran logicalist is trying to return to a peaceful life with his family but is called back into action when his town is attacked.

Jel’s verdict: If This Show Equals Boring, Then Do Not Continue to Watch It

I came away feeling very indifferent about this. There are some good things: we get a veteran hero with a reason to fight, some cool fights scenes that prove Dogakobo is capable of using decent CG animation, and overall I like the bright, colorful visual design of the characters and setting. There’s also some bad things: somehow, someway, the episode ends in a typical dorm harem situation despite the show specifically confirming that guys are just as capable of being logicalists. Also, seeing this squad of cool super powered ladies being totally ineffective until their strong male savior comes along seemed like a wasted opportunity. I would have found it much more interesting if the story was just about them, or maybe if Athena chose another woman to lead the team.

The “logic” based super powers and ensuing explanations are also pretty dumb but tolerable and not that important. Overall we’re left with a very middle of the road production that is mildly entertaining but hard to get excited about. I’ll keep an eye on it to see if it attempts anything interesting but I don’t think I’m hooked enough to watch it on a weekly basis. At least it’s a more successful attempt at an action show than KyoAni’s latest effort? Sorry, that was a cheap shot.


Marlin’s verdict: Logical Story Progression

This show gets some major bonus points for establishing that our protagonist was a seasoned warrior before being granted his fantastic powers, instead of the usual idiot savant. Unfortunately, the writing isn’t the best in the world. The way everyone uses “their logic” like they’re some angsty teen is a bit narmy. Thankfully, I really enjoyed the action of this show. Where L&L really shines is in a really smart use of CG. During action scenes the motion blur effect makes it barely noticable, and the otherworldly monsters actually benefit from their wrongness when juxtaposed with the real world. All of the potential makes it a bit of a shame that they lost some good will with that “We have to live with each other?!?” bull at the end of the episode. It’s also a bit worrying that every single other member of the team are girls, even the weapons, which only doubles the potential for dumb harem antics. Here’s to hoping this show has at least some shred of self-control.


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