First Look: Aokana: Four Rhythm Across the Blue


Alternative titles: Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm
Visual Novel Adaptation by Gonzo
Streaming on Crunchyroll


Asuka has just transferred to Kuna Island, a land where technological wonders allow everyday students to fly to school on anti-gravity shoes. The local schools have invented a game using them, and when her school’s honor is put to the test, Asuka stands up to defend it. Before you start to think that might actually sound cool, it isn’t.

Marlin’s verdict: Shoes, Vagueness, and Fakesports

Apparently this show is a visual novel from the Love, Elections, and Chocolate people? Could have fooled me. I suppose any story would seem incredibly different if the focal character was someone completely different, but this is amplified when a story that starts focused on a guy finding romance. By switching to one of the girls, my expectation of this show was completely different. By the end of this episode I thought this was another made-up sports anime, what with the laser focus on the flight abilities and the whole final act devoted to this dumb sounding game. That said, now I know its pedigree, this show turns from disinterest to vehement distrust. Anyone who’s read those posts know LE&C is one of the most vapid visual novel anime I’d ever seen, so I can’t imagine this show could dig out of that kind of creative hole so easily.


Jel’s verdict: Full of Air

This was basically an obnoxious, dull school comedy that happens to have high tech flying shoes. Somehow both the main girls are total airheads with insufferably screechy voices, throw in their clingy psycho lesbian friend and a protagonist with so little presence I completely forgot he was there until the end, and you have yourself a real winner here. SARCASM! I did appreciate the silly, cartoonish animation and the fact that it didn’t seem to take itself seriously at all, at least not for this episode. I fully suspect that either the main dude or the pink hair girl (or both) will have some kind of horrible tragic back story that will be explored later, and that the dude used to be awesome at Flying Circus and will return to it after he deals with his personal demons. *Yawn* Oh, and what was up with randomly peeping on that one girl changing??? Yeah this show is trash, let’s move on.

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