Dimension W: Episode 2



Saturdays at 9:00 a.m. EST on Funimation

Kyoma and Mira investigate the phantom thief known as “Loser”, infamous for repeatedly failing his heists.

Iro’s thoughts

I imagine this episode is indicative of how at least the next few will play out, with Dimension W being a relatively episodic show about our heroes checking out the newest lead on the illegal coils. That said, there are plenty of plot hooks dropped for an overarching through line and it looks like Loser is going to be a recurring character, which could be fun.

The flashy phantom thief is a well-worn archetype (Aquagaze, Zigg, and I recalled Ace Attorney‘s MaskDeMasque, and we are all of course looking forward to Persona 5), but adding modern elements like camera drones and livestreaming make for a fun twist on the formula. It’s all a big show, complete with audience wearing official Loser merch, so it’s not a surprise when we see that Loser was never targeting the artwork in the first place. The sequence where he infiltrates the museum closely pursued by Kyoma is a fun action set piece, a quick way to establish a rivalry, and a shortcut to showing off our hero’s competence; he can keep up with a cyborg, after all. Attempting to make Loser himself sympathetic is a bit ham-handed though, as that makes two characters in two episodes who wish to avenge their dead wives. Sigh.


I honestly hadn’t expected the show to delve into the weird mysteries behind the coils until a few episodes in, so it’s nice to see the seeds being planted so quickly (although with only 12 episodes, they had better move fast). The rupture into Dimension W is an appropriately horrifying body-horror moment, and an effective method of showing why illegal coils are so dangerous. Presumably the “key coils” are, uh, the keys to the entire system, meaning we have a convenient set of MacGuffins to track down. I expect that one of them will be installed into Mira at some point, probably during the climax.

Dimension W continues to be… fine, I guess. It’s some pretty standard stuff and I enjoy watching it, so I suppose that counts for something?



  • A dimension of an object (X, Y, Z axes) is an entirely different concept from an “alternate dimension”, dammit. I have to accept the whole Dimension W thing for the show to work, but the bullshit explanation prior to the OP is already getting on my nerves.
  • “Allow me to explain your own backstory to you, Kyoma Mabuchi!” – Loser
  • Loser’s outfit is reminiscent of Persona 4‘s Izanagi, with probably a bit of Iron Man.
  • Of course all the gynoids have their glowing power sources directly above their cleavage. Subtle.
  • Mira’s pageboy cap is cute. Based on the ED, I imagine she’ll get a new outfit every episode or so.

3 thoughts on “Dimension W: Episode 2

  1. “It’s some pretty standard stuff and I enjoy watching it, so I suppose that counts for something?”

    Of course it is Iro. In this world of LN shite and fan service galore this kind of standard stuff stands out. I enjoyed that romp. Look, they even gave Mira proper clothing AND full length stockings!!

    The “ex member of a military UBER squad” is pretty played out, but what the hell, it’s still better than most of the stuff out there.

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