Dimension W: Episode 3


“Chase the Numbers”

Saturdays at 9:00 a.m. EST on Funimation

Mira tries to beautify her own little chunk of Kyoma’s pad, and gets friendly with the local scamps.

Iro’s thoughts

After two episodes of relative action, it’s nice to get a bit of a break and get to know the characters better. As I’ve been saying all along about Dimension W, it’s some pretty standard stuff, but that’s never been a bad thing with this show. It also gives us a great opportunity to drop some plot hooks and answer a couple questions with no real strings attached.


Mira has been toeing right up to the line of overly cutesy for a while, and comes dangerously close to crossing it this week. Thankfully, she’s smarter and more mature than your average ditzy anime girl, notably not overreacting to the usual dumb sex jokes that are everywhere in this medium. When was the last time someone in anime calmly explained that “no, you’re mistaken, I am not boning that person”, or simply brought up the fact that there’s no proper lock on the bathroom door when walked in on? I can’t even remember, because it never happens. She’s so darned enthusiastic about getting to live a semblance of a normal life (albeit one that involves hunting down illegal technology with a ninja), which is endearing enough to prevent her from becoming annoying.

Other than that, we get to tug on a couple of plot threads that’ve been dangling. As we all expected just from the fact they existed, the numbered coils are the original set or something like that, and presumably far more powerful than any regular coil since random old guy explains that they don’t require the tower network to function. The local New Tesla COO also rather blatantly mentions that Kyoma is “the other beast of Grendel”, meaning we’ll probably meet at least one other person from his old unit before long. The clear assumption to make at the moment is that it’s Loser, since he knows about the Grendel Unit, but it’s a bit of a stretch to assume Kyoma wouldn’t recognize the guy’s voice or something like that. My bets are on the weird girl dressed in gothic lolita clothing from the OP, aka the only distinct character in it whom we haven’t met in the show itself.



  • Yep, any explanations about the dimension thing are still dumb.
  • I’m not sure how Mira can control her head if it’s not connected to her body, but I’m probably overthinking things.
  • If you’re supposed to be hiding the fact that Mira is a robot, then why would you make a coil a decorative piece of her outfit directly in the middle of her chest you morons
  • If coils provide unlimited energy, why would there be a shop for used coils?

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