GLORIO Spring 2016 Anime Guide Part 2

2016 Spring_2

Part 2 of our guide features some potential big hits in the visually stunning Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress and the shonen mass appeal of Twin Star Exorcists. Throw in some super cool pre-war era style with Joker Game, a healthy dose of urban fantasy with Bungou Stray Dogs, and some absurdist comedy with Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto, and this season is looking pretty good… well, except for Netoge, which could turn out to be one of the worst show in years.

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Joker Game

Novel Adaptation by Production I.G.
Air Date: 4/5/2016
And this season’s “Sick of High School Anime” award goes to… seriously though, this is based on a series of novels (real ones, not light ones) about a secret spy agency in 1937, which sounds pretty cool to me. As with any Japanese medium set around World War II I’m always wary of how much GLORIOUS NIPPON patriotism might occur, but my guess is that will not be too much of a thing here.

Twin Star Exorcists

Sousei no Onmyouji

Manga Adaptation by Studio Pierrot
Air Date: 4/6/2016
Two young exorcists in training find out they are part of an ancient prophecy to save the world. But until the prophecy can be fulfilled the exorcists must battle monsters from Magano, an alternate world filled with impurities. I will admit the only reason I am excited about this is because the original creator is Yoshiaki Sukeno, who also created cult favorite (that cult being “me”) Binbougami ga!/Good Luck Girl. I’ve read a good portion of the manga and I can tell you it’s not the most original thing in the world, but it definitely has Sukeno’s sense of humor and knack for great character development. The trailer looks great too, as no doubt Studio Pierrot is flush with cash after the massive success of Mr. Osomatsu and can probably pour a lot of resources into it. I’m really looking forward to this one and I think it could be a big hit.

Super Lovers

Manga Adaptation by Studio Deen
Air Date: 4/6/2016
So have we reached the point where pedophile anime now extends to young boys? I mean, the premise seems innocent enough: an older high school boy (who looks like a grown man) is charged with taming his new adoptive little brother, who seems to have literally been raised by wolves. That’s all well and good, but the title, trailer, and promo art seem to suggest a lot more than that. At least it seems pretty silly and light hearted, but it’s hard to ignore the implications.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Kotetsujou no Kabaneri, Attack on Titan: Train Edition

Anime Original by Wit Studio
Air Date: 4/7/2016
Humans hide away in fear from zombie monsters called “Kabane”, only able to travel between fortress cities via giant armored trains. Hmm, could wit be trying to make the next Attack on Titan? Make sure you read that in an obnoxiously sarcastic voice. Seriously though, that is exactly what this looks like and I don’t care because OH MY GOD it is gorgeous. If there is any chance at all that they can keep up the visual quality through the entire series, this could go down as the best looking TV anime of all time. Given the studios track record (*cough* Rolling Girls *cough) I highly doubt it, but it should at least be a sight to behold for the first few episodes.

Black Corpse


Anime Original by P.A. Works
Air Date: 4/7/2016
To celebrate their 15th anniversary, the studio best know for pastel colored slice of life shows set in sleepy seaside towns will launch a… giant robot mecha show? Granted the trailer is the same old high school kids hanging out that we’ve seen in their previous projects, so I’m just going on what I’ve been told. Interestingly the story is set around where the P.A. Works studio actually exists, in a school for the kids of researchers studying a mysterious artifact found in a nearby dam (also a real location). It’s definitely piqued my curiosity, but it will have to do a lot more than what we’re seeing in the trailer to be good.

Bungou Stray Dogs

Manga Adaptation by Bones
Air Date: 4/7/2016
A homeless orphan boy saves a man from committing suicide, who just happens to be a member of a super powered detective agency. Naturally, the boy ends up tagging along. If you’re looking for some urban fantasy to fill that Durarara/Blood Blockade Battlefront shaped hole in your heart, the trailer for this sure looks like it could be up to the task. Whether it has more than just style going for it remains to be seen, but yet another show worth checking out.


Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta?, And You Thought There Was Never a Girl Online?

Light Novel Adaptation by Project No. 9
Air Date: 4/7/2016
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my predicted Worst Show of Spring 2016. Our hero fell in love with a guy online he thought was a girl and was so freaked out that he vowed to NEVER TRUST GIRLS ONLINE AGAIN – that is until a girl online who is an actual beautiful girl confesses to him. BUT WAIT IT GETS WORSE, this girl cannot tell the difference between game and reality so this dude and his friends try to “fix” her. There’s so many things wrong here that I want to punch my monitor watching the obnoxious trailer. We will cover this show out of our duty to you, dear readers, just so you understand how much we love you.

Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

Sakamoto desu ga?

Manga Adaptation by Studio Deen
Air Date: 4/7/2016
This is the kind of show you can tell exactly what is going by watching the trailer, and I think it looks great. If you can’t watch the trailer (you should), it’s basically about a guy who is so extremely cool and popular that it becomes hilariously absurd. Marlin and I in particular love this kind of thing so I’m hoping it turns out to be as funny as it looks.

Shonen Maid

Manga Adaptation by 8bit
Air Date: 4/7/2016
An elementary school boy is taken in by his rich (alleged) uncle, and in return for staying with him he gets to be his… maid? But hey, it’s funny so everything is cool! As noted with Super Lovers, seems like we’re shifting from lolicon to shotacon these days, but at least this seems slightly less overt about it. Not sure if that’s better or worse.


Manga Adaptation by Silver Link
Air Date: 4/7/2016
The premise of a class full of unlucky students trying to live a happy school life sounds likes it could be depressing, but it seems for this show it’s just another setup for a cute and colorful school comedy. Digging a little deeper into the character descriptions it seems there will be plenty of all girls school anime staples like breast size inferiority complexes and lesbians. It doesn’t seem like there’s much to work with here but it is being directed by Shin Oonuma (Baka and Test, Watamote), master of making garbage shows look good. I like his visual style so it should at least be something interesting to look at.

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  1. FYI – You link to part three is written as “Read Part 2 of the guide here.”
    Should read Read Part 3 of the guide here.

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