BREAKING NEWS: The Glorio Blog is Moving Exclusively to Miitomo


Starting today, we will no longer be posting our usual reviews and previews at Instead we will be moving all anime discussion exclusively to Nintendo’s hot new mobile app, Miitomo. Further, we will no longer use text but will only communicate through the app’s Miifoto editor. Here’s a sneak peek:


In addition, you can get to know all your favorite Glorio Blog writers as we gossip and talk behind each other’s backs. Me and Zigg had QUITE a bit to say about Iro:


So download the app (iOS / Android) and come join us by scanning the QR codes below. It’s been fun everyone, we’ll see you there.



8 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: The Glorio Blog is Moving Exclusively to Miitomo

      • Speaking as a third guy, I would expect both of you to have done your research before bringing that up in the comments here. It didn’t take me much effort to find evidence of a gravure photoshoot, which would probably have been the moonlighting job in question as well as a serious breach of contract for any company.

        Maybe try using someone other then Kotaku for your news next time?

        • This was a dumb April Fools joke and I did not want to have this discussion here BUT I guess we have no choice…

          The main problem is she was harassed and “investigated” for something she had no involvement in. Whatever she was doing had nothing to do with the localization issue or her job in general and no one would known or cared otherwise. She was just a convenient public face for GG to target, who clearly have nothing better to do with their lives but latch on to completely inconsequential causes like they’re a matter of life and death.

          If we’re not going to see eye to eye on that much, just ask what was the end game here? Is Nintendo a better place now that she is fired? Are the localizations going to be any different? Are the children safe from googling “Alison Rapp” and possibly maybe seeing a woman in her underwear which of course could NEVER happen on the internet or hell, walking into the lingerie section at Target? Nope, things are going to be exactly the same except a woman no longer has a job. Nice work guys.

          • What Jel said. GG kept fishing for something to use against Rapp until they found something. Moonlighting is not forbidden at Nintendo, and they did nothing to protect her from being harassed even though they knew about it. It’s naive to think she’d still be fired if GG hadn’t been thoroughly digging up her dirt and continuously badgering Nintendo to fire her. They do not deserve the benefit of the doubt here.

            Also, isn’t it ironic how GG, defenders of sexual freedom and anime titties, tried to get on Rapps case for doing gravure modeling?

            • I guess we are going to do this on here huh? Admittedly the Kotaku jab was a bit much. It was unnecessary and I apologize for that.

              Now with regards to GG I haven’t seen much evidence to indicate they were anything more then a boogieman in this case, and there is certainly an argument to be made that any online harassment will automatically be applied to the group to push an agenda, as many media outlets have appeared to have done. From what I have seen she her firing was set in motion with Nintendo being contacted by Jamie Walton of the Wayne Foundation over child pornography advocacy issues due to her thesis on the subject. While I think its poppycock personally, Allison’s reactions to the subject haven’t really been all that great.

              In the end though I can easily believe it is Allison’s actions herself that made Nintendo pull the trigger as they would have easily noticed the gravure shots at that point that are still up on her twitter. (I actually stumbled across them while trying to figure out exactly who she was.) You can argue that it was set in motion by outside sources, but that does not make her void of personal accountability in the matter. As an PR rep for Nintendo she was one of many faces of the company, and understandably Nintendo doesn’t want one of their faces attached to sexy pictures on the internet, especially when she was posing with company merch. I don’t think any other company would want that either nor do I think that is more then what a company has a right to ask for.

              So to answer your question, Yes Jel, Nintendo is better off without her representing them as I believe the scandal of them having a PR rep moonlighting as a cam girl would be far more detrimental to their corporate image then what is now occurring.

              As for the harassment, yes it absolutely sucks that she was targeted, but what exactly is Nintendo suppose to do about it? In my opinion them saying anything would have potentially added more fuel to the fire, or “fed the trolls” so to speak. And seeing as they were investigating her themselves they were probably aware that any criticisms projected upon her would have been projected upon the company if they had stepped in.

              I would personally have advised her to disengage and let things die down, as I have seen this successfully done in the past, but I don’t think it is advice that many would take. And I can agree that it is advice that i wish was unnecessary.

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