First Look: Cerberus


Alternative titles: Seisen Cerberus: Ryuukoku no Fatalité, This Show is Trash
Game Adaptation by Bridge
Streaming on Crunchyroll


There’s an evil dragon called Dagan Zot that needs killing, for the crime of being a dragon. Only Protag, long-winded attacks and made-up words can defeat it.

Euri’s verdict: Shounen By Numbers

My head hurts. Another season of anime is upon us, with awful shows like this wasting the time of undoubtedly talented animation staff. But these shows perform well enough to usher in more of the same, and so here we are once again, bashing our heads against a wall in disbelief.


These shows are formulaic for a reason, of course. The studios giving anime like this the go-ahead know full well that they’ll make their money back and then some, just by sticking to a tried and true pattern. I mean, why risk it all by trying to do something different, right? So we see the return of the protagonist with the dark past, an evil dragon that wants to consume everything, exaggerated special attacks, stupid names for 90% of the things that exist in this universe and an animal-girl-loli who exists to sell merchandise.

If you honestly like what you saw in episode one, that’s great! However, I would urge you to check out Rage of Bahamut instead, if only so you can see a similar show done with passion, and with a good script behind it. You can do better than this.

Please be impressed.

Please be impressed.

Jel’s verdict: Put This Back In the Sheath

I don’t think I hated this as much as Chris as I think with a little polish this could have been an OK first episode. Mostly I appreciated that they flipped the script on the invincible, black clad loner hero type that I was getting ready to tear to shreds. Make no mistake though, this is not a good show. It’s a collection of recycled plot lines and character designs presented in a very dull, matter of fact way. We had very little reason to care about the proceedings, nor do we really know why Bahamut Zot is such a terrifying threat. I mean, he basically looked like your average size, run of the mill dragon, they can’t lock that down? Ultimately I came away wishing we could have seen the story of Hiiro’s parents, they seemed more interesting. I might watch that show, I will not watch this one.


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