First Look: Anne-Happy


Alternative titles: Unhappy, Shin Oonuma Tries to Salvage Another Trash Heap
Manga Adaptation by Silver Link
Streaming on Crunchyroll


A bunch of weirdo high school girls are so unlucky that they have to be put in a special class to be rehabilitated. One of them gets punched by a cat. I guess it’s kind of fun?

Jel’s verdict: It Didn’t Make Me Unhappy?

While I had a hard time getting past the sickeningly saccharine sweet anime girl candy shell, I feel like there was quite a bit to like in this first episode. The girls are SO unlucky that it almost has a dark, supernatural undercurrent to it. Maybe I’m just reading too much into it, but I couldn’t help but see some black humor in the in the imagery of jumping off a bridge (yes I know she said she fell, but that’s what it looked like) or being so sick and fragile you have to carry around a briefcase full of medical supplies. For a moment I wondered if this was going to be the second coming of School Live and at some point they would pull back the curtain, revealing some kind of horrifying secret about their situation. That never happened.


So I spent most of the episode conflicted, trying to sort out if the mildly disturbing sense of humor was worth putting up with the screechy voiced, huge eyed anime girls that look like they came straight out of a Key visual novel. I think the humor finally won me over after the big reveal of the main character’s secret, which you are better off just watching cold so I’ll leave it at that. It helps too that even though I found the character designs annoying, the presentation is pretty nice. It’s another Shin Oonuma school comedy joint, which means some pretty flashy touches. If you’ve seen Baka and Test or Watamote, you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say patterned half tone backgrounds, art style shifts, and random palette swaps on the characters. So the overall package I think was good enough to give a second episode. I am not confident it will continue to be good, but there’s certainly enough parts to work with.


Iro’s verdict: Inoffensive

This is okay? I didn’t find anything particularly notable about this at all, barring Medical-Emergency-Girl, and I figured out that entire gimmick once she brought out her briefcase of pills in the first thirty seconds. Which is not to say any of Anne-Happy was bad, but… like I said, it’s just okay. As a person who generally stays away from schoolgirl comedies, I see no reason for me to keep watching this, but maybe it’s your thing?

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