Twin Star Exorcists Episode 4


“The Sound of Magano – Bothersome Twosome”

Wednesdays 7:00 am EST on Crunchyroll

Ryougo and the Seita dorm crew head out for a routine exorcism, but it turns out to be more than they can handle. Rokuro is left with no choice but to ask Benio for help and the two set out to save him.

Jel’s thoughts

If you missed my rage post last week I’d suggest reading that beforehand, I’m going to continue the discussion from where we left off. This episode was OK. It basically followed the same events of the chapter we were supposed to get last week. We established Ryogo’s close relationship with Rokuro, and we got our main couple to at least talk each other a little bit. Perfectly fine. My problem is that it does these things completely devoid of soul. They don’t really make you care, starting with how they are characterizing Rokuro.


Watching the anime, I kind of hate Rokuro. He’s surly and brooding, unable to express himself. He has trouble asking for help and it’s hard for him to say “thank you”. He bristles under authority and only in a total life and death situation does he express concern for his surrogate big brother, whom he can’t even bring himself to acknowledge in the anime original candy store scene. Basically, he’s an obnoxious teenager who is too cool to care, taking for granted his abilities and the people around him.

Contrast this with the manga, where Rokuro comes off as a bratty but ultimately likable kid. He can be a little snippy for sure, but he’s vulnerable. He wears his heart on his sleeve, whether it’s a good or bad time to do so. We don’t need an extra scene with candy lady to show that he cares for Ryougo. There’s hardly any friction in teaming up with Benio on the battlefield, and when he thanks her later on it’s incredibly sincere and adorable – quite different from the begrudging, joyless interaction we saw in the anime.


Assuming the anime continues to try and create this more serious, brooding tone, I’ll probably just end up repeating myself every week if I keep doing full size posts. To be honest, I also will care less and less about this show every week should that be the case. So we’ll see if I do this again or if it’s back to The Roundup next week.

7 thoughts on “Twin Star Exorcists Episode 4

  1. Oh man this episode did nothing to redeem last weeks snooze fest. I’m on the verge of dropping this show. It’s hanging on by a thread. Just abrely

      • I just watched ep05 and that’s the end for me, dropped. Is the main protag, Rokuro, this unbearable in the manga? Every moment he opened his mouth in ep05 made me want to stop watching.

        • As I mentioned, I actually like him in the manga. In general the manga is so much more charming and endearing. I don’t know what they’re doing with the anime, maybe they think they are making the show “cool” or something so more angsty teenagers will be into it. Episode 5 was not in the manga and it looks like 6 will be original as well, so I guess they are just trying to do their own (terrible) thing, I will rant more about it later.

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