Macross Delta Episode 7


“Behind Enemy Lines”

Sundays in Japan only because this will NEVER BE LICENSED

Walkure and Delta Squadron go undercover on a nearby planet recently occupied by Windmere. They learn more infomation about the Vars outbreaks, but Freyja, Hayate, and Mirage get separated from the group.

Jel’s thoughts

This week in dumb things that happen in Macross: Lesbian dance hacking, poison space apples, and everyone dressed up as cats. Once again, somehow, someway, they pull it all together into an entertaining episode. Watching Mirage declare “no cat puns” as she cocked her gun might be favorite moment in the series so far, so they did a good job of doing what they had to do while acknowleding how silly it all was. Now on to the good bits:


Love Triangle
No time for romance this week, but in true Space Opera fashion we are perfectly set up for a classic Macross “bottle episode”. With our main trio trapped by the enemy, I am expecting them to spend a significant period of time locked up together with nothing else to do but awkwardly flirt with each other. Looking forward to it.

Pop Music
I guess all the girls are going to have to get their own character songs and Reina and Makina seem to be on the bottom of the talent list. I could have done with less of them and more of whatever Mikumo was singing later in the episode. They did at least make hacking a lot more interesting to watch than usual, but certainly not my favorite example of anime visual hacking of all time. Speaking of Mikumo, my new theory is maybe she is an actual descendent of protoculture and not the fraud it seems the Windmereans are. That really only raises her death flag higher though. I love Mikumo, why do I want her to die so much? Maybe I should seek help…


Streaming Missiles
Not too much combat either, although can I point out how hilarious it is that the soldiers have cat ears on their helmets? I guess if they are cat people you need to make the appropriate accomodations? I suspect it will be more talking next week with maybe a dash of action on the prison break. So if you’re watching Macross for hot Valkyrie dog fighting action you’re probably going to have to wait.

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