Macross Delta Episode 9


“Uncontrolled On the Edge”

Sundays in Japan only because this will NEVER BE LICENSED

Mirage and Hayate learn more about Messer’s past and his current condition. They try to convince him that he could be dangerous to everyone on the battlefield, but they are interrupted by another attack from the Aerial Knights.

Jel’s thoughts

A bit of a clunky episode with all the straightforward exposition, but we do get some needed background on Vars Syndrome, the purpose of Walkure, and the perspective of both Messer and Kaname. We’ve all seen Messer’s character arc coming from a mile away so I guess it’s best to just get it out of the way now. As for Kaname, her passing the torch sets the precedent for Mikumo passing her role on to Freyja, which I still totally expect to happen at some point. I could continue on and ramble about all the awkward meaningful glances and romantic teasing in my usual episode breakdown, but I have something else I want to try. If you want serious Macross talk go read this interesting in-depth interview with series creator Shoji Kawamori. Everyone else, read on…


As I’ve been noting from week to week, Macross has a long history of killing off cast members and I’m assuming Delta will be no exception. So I think it’s time to have some fun with our wild speculation. I will grant all our readers 100 Glorio Yen Coins* to bet on who they think is most likely to die. You can put all 100 on one character, or distribute it on as many characters as you want. Whoever makes the most wins. Here are the rules:

– Pay out will be determined by the odds set on the list below.
– Bets can be placed in the comments on any post until the mid point of the series
– Mid-point will be end of episode 13 or the OP changes, whichever comes first.
– You will receive pay out if a character dies before or during episode 13.
– Starting with episode 14, new odds will be created and a second round will begin.
– If no one dies before or during episode 13, this has been a huge waste of time.

1/2 Messer Ihelfeld: Has Var syndrome and a past incident to atone for, practically begging to get killed.
1/3 Arad Molders: Tells everyone they’re going to party after the mission, also he’s Skull Leader.
1/5 Chuck Mustang: Killing the likable, down to earth guy is easy drama, his image color is yellow.
1/8 Mikumo Guynemer: Seems like she doesn’t belong in this time/universe, set up to pass on her role to Freyja.
1/10 The Macross Elysion Bridge Crew: Totally expendable.
1/15 Kaname Buccaneer: Low self esteem could lead to her seeking value in sacrifice… wow that got dark.
1/20 Makina Nakajima/Reina Prowler: Nearly as expendable as the bridge crew, if they go they go together.
1/75 Walkure Package Deal: They keep emphasizing they are in danger, maybe everyone dies to protect Freyja?
1/100 Freyja Wion: Short life span could cause a “better to die young” scenario, but Love Triangle Plot Armor.
1/200 Hayate Immelman: Love Triangle Plot Armor, Main Male Character Plot Armor.
1/250 Mirage Farina Jenius: Love Triangle Plot Armor, most likely to be the Boring Person That Lives to Tell Their Story.

*1 Glorio Yen Coin equals the cash value of 1 Internet Bragging Right

7 thoughts on “Macross Delta Episode 9

  1. I see two possible scenarios happening here: Either the captain dies (extra drama because it’s been hinted he has a relationship with Kaname, so he could follow in the legendary steps of Roy Focker and Michel) and leaves Messer in charge, or Messer dies (in a showdown with the White Knight most likely) and passes the torch of ace pilot to Hayate. I don’t think Mikumo will die before the midpoint, there’s too much magicky stuff going on with her to kill her so soon, and the Walkure singles are selling a lot, it’d be a true tragedy to lose JUNNA’s talent halfway through the series.

    I’m going 60 on the captain and 40 on Messer

      • Darn, I placed my bets before watching episode 9, but now that I have I’m convinced Messer’s gonna die. Especially if it turns out that Kaname isn’t in a relationship with the captain, but actually has feelings for him. That guy’s really fucking dead

        • I’ll have more to say next post but yeah, not looking good. This being anime I’ll wait to see what happens next week before making anything official.

  2. awwww shit MiamiNights looooves some gambling for bragging rights!!! Surely someone will kick the bucket before ep13 so i’m going all in now.

    For me Messer is clearly the likeliest to bite it. But that’s too easy. Mikumo is also a good bet now that we know she took the top spot form Kaname and the that #1’s are a dime a dozen. I’m going 50 on Kaname Buccaneer and 50 on Arad Molders.

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