First Look: First Love Monster


Alternative titles: Hatsukoi Monster
Manga Adaptation by DEEEEEN
Streaming on Funimation


Kaho is a spoiled rich girl who decides to go to high school in the city. She moves into a dorm full of hot guys, the thing is they are all… well I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

Jel’s verdict: Stranger Danger

I feel like I need a psychology degree to figure out what the point of this anime was. The setup is basically a harem show, so is the grade school thing supposed to be hot? Is making the guys into grown men a barrier to make you feel less guilty about being turned on by little boys? Or is the sight of a hot dude acting like a child appealing to some weirdly misguided maternal instinct? I do not feel qualified to answer any of those questions. Furthermore, Kaho if is a terrible audience proxy if that is supposed to be the case. She’s incredibly dumb and apparently KIND OF A PEDOPHILE, overall I found her to be pretty obnoxious.


Anyway you spin it the premise is super creepy, but at least the show doesn’t take itself very seriously. If there’s one thing I did enjoy it was the presentation. There are a ton of great reaction faces and comedic animation flourishes that should make the show fun to watch. In fact, had this just been a normal boring harem show with those added comedy elements, I might have been willing to give this another episode or two. Kaho is dumb and naive enough to generate the humor, and if they were just throwing in some pretty dudes as eye candy, sure why not? Unfortunately they had to go and make things weird and uncomfortable, even more than the premise demands (if you watch it, I’ll just say the jungle gym was too much), and so I’m going to say skip this unless you can’t fight your morbid curiosity.

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