First Look: SERVAMP


Manga Adaptation by Brains Base
Streaming on Funimation


Nice Guy™ Mahiru is always ready to help someone in need. This comes back to bite him (pun intended) when he picks up a seemingly harmless stray cat, leading him into the world of servant vampires or SERVAMPS. Wait, don’t leave! It was actually kind of OK!


Jel’s verdict: Bring Me Another Episode

I totally expected this to be another show full of pretty guys doing nothing other than being pretty. Instead we got a weird action comedy that swings wildly between being super silly and dumb then extremely violent. And it was kind of good? Mahiru and Kuro have that classic adversarial buddy comedy relationship thing going, which is a natural source of comedy that I can get on board with. I also love the presentation which includes silly reaction faces and halftone dots all over the place, things we’ve seen in many recent Brains Base adaptations (Kawaisou and Blood Lad come to mind) that regular readers will know I love.

The most fascinating thing though is this is probably the most violent. action packed shoujo anime I’ve ever seen, right down to the hardcore screaming OP. Basically, it feels a lot like a shonen action show but presented for young women instead. I love that the differences are negligible. That alone makes it unique enough for me to watch and see how it works out. Whether or not the show will continue to be good – and by “good” I mean it wins the “Macross Delta Award for being incredibly stupid while still entertaining” – remains to be seen. It seems there will be a lot more Servamps introduced to the cast that are probably related to the seven deadly sins, which could easily feed the dumb, over the stop style I’m liking or fall flat on it’s face. So long as the show avoids taking itself too seriously like it did this episode, I think it will be alright.


Iro’s verdict: Magical GirlBoyfriend

Somewhere out there is a show exactly like this one, except all of the vampires are cute girls instead of hot guys. But instead of that, we got SERVAMP, which is an incredibly dumb show that still manages to be mildly entertaining. The overall tone is goofy enough that the show doesn’t feel inconsistent when it flips between “serious” and comedic styles, and really it’s all just inoffensive enough for me to neither love it nor hate it. I suppose that fact in itself might as well be a ringing endorsement for this type of show, though…

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