JoJo: Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 13


“We Picked Up Something Crazy!”

Fridays at 12:30 pm EST on Crunchyroll

Joseph “OH MY GOD” Joestar is now in Morioh, and it’s Josuke’s job to babysit the geezer… and the invisible baby he’s picked up.

Iro’s thoughts

Elephant in the room: this post (and consequently the following few posts) is something like a month late, due to a combination of family stuff, start-of-the-new-season stuff, SGDQ stuff, and brain stuff. Sorry! I guess it’s time to play catch up with the Joestars.


Joseph “OH MY GOD” Joestar is back in action, inasmuch as wandering around Morioh being senile counts as back in action. He’s approaching 80 years old in Part 4, which is old, but one would think not so old that he’d be this scatterbrained, particularly given that other Ripple masters Straizo and Lisa Lisa looked pretty good for their ages. Then again, neither of them proceeded to be murdered, have the block sucked from their corpses, and then having it all pumped back in a few episodes later, and Joseph clearly was not the most motivated in keeping up with his breathing training; “hard work” is his most hated phrase, after all. Still, he’s competent enough to use Hermit Purple to save the mysterious Stand-wielding baby’s life from a random rabid dog.

The bulk of the episode flip-flops between the inherent goofiness of “these two bumbling idiots have to take care of an invisible baby” and the inherent drama of “these two bumbling idiots have to take care of an invisible baby“. Not many other shows besides JoJo could get away with something this absurd, but, uh… well, JoJo. It even proves to be a decent bonding experience for Josuke and daddy, showing that there’s something respectable inside crazy old Joseph after all as he, uh, cuts himself to reveal the baby’s location. It’s nice to see considering the basic premise of Josuke’s very existence is Joseph being morally loose. Although really, Crazy Diamond could fix the wound right up, but I guess it’s the thought that counts…?

jojodu13hermit purple


  • This is not the first Stand-wielding baby we’ve seen, but only Dio and Kakyoin knew about Death 13, and they’re both long dead.
  • This never actually comes into play for the rest of the show, so I’m comfortable mentioning it here: they never find the baby’s mother, and Joseph adopts her as Shizuka Joestar.
  • Shizuka’s Stand is named “Achtung Baby”, after an album by rock band U2.

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