Macross Delta Episode 17


“Scatter on Stage”

Sundays in Japan only because this will NEVER BE LICENSED

Chaos begins their counterattack by using a Walkure concert to weaken Windermere’s control of the system. Hayate must not only confront how he feels about Freyja, he also has to process a shocking revelation from his father’s past.

Jel’s thoughts

There are probably more important things that happened this episode but my brain can’t get past the fact that I felt like I needed a shower after that concert. It was pretty skeevy the way they were selling the girls, although I guess it’s not that much different than the way real idols work. Maybe it was meant to be a satire of how easily idol fans can be parted with their cash? Probably not. We can all probably agree that Makina is the worst though, if we didn’t already. Anyway, on to this week’s breakdown:


Love Triangle
We are at a breaking point, there’s no hiding it anymore. Freyja literally has a heart shaped light on her head that turns on and says TAKE ME, she even sings a song explaining how it works. And yet I don’t think anyone was buying for a second she was going to blurt her feelings out without someone conveniently interrupting. At least Hayate doesn’t seem so dumb that’s he’s completely missing what’s going on here. I hope they don’t wait too much longer though. Audience frustration aside, we still need time for Mirage to totally misundertand the situation and Hayate to realize she’s the one he really loves. It’s going to happen so, let’s just get it over with.

Pop Music
There were a lot of songs in this episode and hardly any of them were memorable. I guess that’s what happens when you let Makina and Reina sing a few. We did get a reprise of “When the Rune Sparkles”, which is still probably the best song after “Ikenai Borderline”. As mentioned, the selling photos wilh less and less clothing was super skeevy and probably the worst thing this show has ever done. To be more specific, the part where Makina pushes a walkure logo like a button on her left breast is actually the worst thing this show has ever done. I’m assuming that is all out of their system now and we won’t have to deal with this kind of thing anymore. Hopefully we can just move on and pretend none of that happened.


Streaming Missiles
Still no fighting this week. We do get an important detail on Roid’s (Lloyd’s?) end game and it suddenly all makes sense. Through Freyja we have been getting a better sense of the tragic nature of their short lifespan. Some resentment of Earth humans seems understandable, and I’m sure Hayate’s dad trying to kill them all didn’t help either. Oh yeah, that happened, surprising no one. I’m still having trouble shedding any tears over Hayate’s daddy issues as that hasn’t really been a big part of the show until now. I’m assuming Papa Immelman’s motivations will all tie together with Mikumo’s mysterious origins and the reason why Hayate has fold wave receptors or whatever they’re called. We’ll have to look for more clues next week.

6 thoughts on “Macross Delta Episode 17

  1. For some reason it feels like after watching this episode once I don’t feel like rewatching it, the whole thing with Reina infecting the galaxy network with something that looks like ransomware/maleware and Bogue getting pissed off that part was kinda funny bu the episode to me just felt like it was one that one can skip over most of the episode.

    not sure what to really think about the episode except I Facepalm when the “dickutlure.” part came up it was just like I thought about just fast forwarding past that part.

    • The part with Bogue did actually remind me of the original series a bit when the Zentraedi were getting “infected” with music, but yeah most of the episode could have been skipped without losing anything.

      • Still this episode felt like it’s one of those that one is better off skipping during a rewatch for some reason.

        Hopefully the next episode will be back to some Action, I’m hoping this series finishes up soon.

        Feels like the only reason I’m still watching is Mirage.

  2. awww poor Fre-Fre. what a forgetable episode. They really went overboard with the fanservice to the point this episode resembled one of those OVAs released after a cour is complete to sell more discs. Total meh.

    I did, however, like the fact that Hayete does seem to understand what’s going on w Fre-fre…The music, the fucking emotion stone on her forehead, etc. When will Mirage get her shot (or song)?.

    • I’ll also add that Fre-fre has been looking more….mmm…adult like? Mature? recently. Perhaps is the result of expedited aging of Windermereans

      • It might be because the animation quality has been sub par these past couple episodes. Everyone has been drawn a bit off model. Or they just have her trying to make sexy eyes at Hayate a lot lately.

        I don’t think the aging makes them look physically much older than they are. Not sure how old the king was but I got the impression he was exceptionally old. Roid (Lloyd?) and the White Knight should be somewhere in in their early 20’s and they don’t look particularly older than that. Freyja even explained this episode she didn’t know what wrinkles were since Windermereans never get old enough to have them.

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