Macross Delta Episode 23


“Scarred Requiem”

Sundays in Japan only because this will NEVER BE LICENSED

Delta squad has arrived on Windermere but is split into three groups during the battle. Hayate, Mirage, and most of Walkure are taken captive by the Aerial Knights, and Hayate is forced to confront the truth about his father.

Jel’s thoughts

It’s kind of disappointing that this big climax is building and I don’t particularly care. Are the Windermereans right to be angry about the attack on their planet? Seems that way, but we only know because we’ve been told. We haven’t directly seen it impact the series and therefore it’s hard for us as the audience to get emotionally invested. Same goes for anything related to Hayate’s father. We’ve only heard bits and pieces about him and Hayate seems slightly indifferent about him, why should we care? Add in some really awful dialogue and possibly the most hilarious unintentionally funny moment this year (spoiler: it was the flying squirrel guys) and this was a tough episode to swallow.


Love Triangle
The conversation between Freyja and Mirage was incredibly unnatural and hard to watch. I know this is supposed to be a space opera so a little creative flourish is OK but still, no one even remotely talks like that. What’s worse is that it accomplished nothing. I guess they wanted to show how much the two admire each other but if they really cared they’d probably get this love triangle mess out in the open. Add the three of them yelling YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING about Hayate’s dad to the pile of bad dialogue as well. Wow that was an awful scene. Side note on the romance front: we finally got Arad and Kaname running around together so maybe they can finally lock that down. That seems much more hopeful than anything happening with these kids.

Pop Music
They sure are getting a lot of mileage out of “Giraffe Blues”. I guess that’s the Walkure go-to song for mourning. As for the rest of Walkure, I also hated the bit where Makina decides to have a picnic in the middle of an arctic planet while on a life and death mission to save the galaxy. I love Mikumo as the aloof, stone cold goddess that occasionally acts like a playfully weird airhead. It makes her by far the most interesting character, I don’t need to see her get embarrassed for the sake of trying to humanize her or whatever. Also, those spiders looked gross.


Streaming Missiles
First up, I had to pause when the flying squirrel troopers showed up I was laughing so hard. I don’t know what else to say about that. With the crew grounded I’m guessing we won’t see any major action until the final episode, which is very rapidly approaching. As much as I have been down on this final stretch of Delta, I’ve said before I’m kind of expecting it to finish strong. I was thinking about some other Satelight last episodes and besides Frontier, the ending of Bodacious Space Pirates and even the bane of my existence Total Eclipse had me yelling “why wasn’t it always like this?!?” at the screen. So let’s slog through the inevitable melodrama for the next episode or two and keep hoping for the best.

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