First Look: ViVid Strike!


Anime original by Seven Arcs
Streaming on Amazon Prime (UK & Japan only)


Fuka Reventon is an orphaned girl who struggles to get by and often resorts to street fighting. Found beaten up and abandoned by Einhardt Stratos, a member of the Nakajima gym, she’s offered the chance to join their martial arts team and come face to face with a friend from her past.


Zigg’s verdict: Knocked Out

This show’s mere existence is sort of incredibly weird. For a start, despite not bearing the name this is absolutely a Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha spinoff – a bunch of characters from ViVid! turn up and in fact comprise the majority of the named cast. Given what we thought about that show, you’ll probably not be surprised to hear that this one is also some low tier garbage. The idea of magical girls beating the shit out of each other in a fighting tournament is pretty cool, but the fact that everyone here looks about ten years old and yet is lovingly ogled upon by the camera just reduces it to disturbingly exploitative. That and we have the worryingly standard unnecessary fanservice, along with low production values, rubbish writing, and non-existant characterisation. It feels oddly like watching human cock-fighting, except WAY creepier.


Iro’s verdict: Vividly Bad

I don’t want to knock people’s taste here, but I’m really not okay with watching prepubescent girls beat the shit out of each other. I love the concept of magical mixed martial arts (and really, “MMMA” is fun to say), but putting it under the ever-disturbing Lyrical Nanoha veneer makes it all seem super skeevy and exploitative. There’s a lengthy sequence of the girls undressing to change into their gym uniforms, and I’m just… why? Why would you do this? It’s so creepy! This is why we can’t have nice things!

One thought on “First Look: ViVid Strike!

  1. I’m done with this franchise. its obvious this show is so far up itself that daring to be different in the rival department is speaking alien to them. which is a shame because I love the art style and the premise. how do they reproduce in that world if they are no men? the creator is an otaku pure and simple and has never spoken to real children before not only that this show is saying men are scums of the earth in the first five minutes which is dumb and sexist this coming from a girl.

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