First Look: www.Working!!


Alternative titles: WWW.Working!!
Manga Adaptation by A-1 Pictures
Streaming on Crunchyroll


Daisuke Higashida is forced to get a part-time job after his dad’s company goes out of business. With his options limited, he decides to apply at the local Wagnaria, which as a chain, and in a remarkable moment of sensibility in an utterly senseless show, is a totally different restaurant from the original. Here, he meets some one dimensional weirdos that you hope will be fleshed out but probably won’t, and has a beatific vision of St. Valentine. Not lying about that last part, by the way.

Marlin’s verdict: Sure was some Working.

There was really only one good joke in the whole episode. Granted, it was a really good joke, but it just was not enough to get me interested in punching another ticket to the endless cycle of possibility and frustration that is the Working!! way of comedic timing and relationship development. The funny thing is, this time the characters aren’t even as terrible as the first crew, but they also just aren’t very unique or likable in general. As a few people have said, the main character, for better or worse, really does not have any defining characteristics other than the generic straight man shtick that make him unique like Takanashi had. Get in touch if Yamada starts to show up out of nowhere. That girl would make any comedy watchable.


You, see? It’s funny because she’s not afraid! (kill me now)

Iro’s verdict: Jokes Aren’t Working

Granted, I have zero experience with the Working! franchise, but I decided to check this out since it apparently has an entirely new cast. As Marlin notes in the Premise section up there, the cast is just a bunch of one-dimensional weirdos, each seemingly with their own gimmick that’s meant to pass for both comedic value and actual character depth. The only one I was interested in at all was the guy working multiple jobs to pay off debts, and even that is treated as a joke when it’s just kind of depressing. Why was Working! so popular again?

Aqua’s verdict: Fit For Retirement

A lot about WWW.Working!! makes way more sense once you know the web manga it is based on actually served as a prototype for the show we all know. It explains why, despite being billed as a spin-off set at an entirely different branch of the Wagnaria chain, WWW.Working!! still takes place in some suburban Hokkaido hellhole, and why half of its cast acts surprisingly similar to the guys and gals from the original Working while the other half feel like cookie-cutter placeholders to be replaced by more interesting characters as soon as the author could think of some. Unfortunately, that also means that this show utterly fails to deliver the exact thing the Working franchise needs to continue justifying its existence: new jokes. Weirdly deadpan airhead, dogged manager, lazy delinquent or katana-bearing rich girl, every character’s schtick has gone stale before even being served. Time to sick health inspection on this restaurant.


St. Valentine, patron of epilepsy (seriously), pray for us.

Artemis’ verdict: Ready To Move On With My Life

To be honest, my biggest problem with Working is that it’s overstayed its welcome. I get that this is a different restaurant of the same branch and with a different bunch of wacky characters, but even if this was another season of exactly the same show, I think I’d still feel much the same. I’ve just had enough. Even based purely on its own merits though, WWW.Working!! seems pretty bland. ‘Inoffensively dull’ is about the closest I can get to an actual compliment here – the episode managed to wring one or two weak smiles out of me before I decided that while probably watchable, I’d have more fun with something that at least pretended it was trying a little harder.

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