First Look: Long Riders!


Manga Adaptation by Actas
Streaming on Daisuki


Ami Kurata has just started college and has yet to find something she is truly passionate about. After seeing a cute bicycle she decides to devote her entire life to long distance cycling.

Jel’s verdict: Copy and Paste

It’s sad that we live in a world where this needs to be pointed out as a positive, but at least this wasn’t pervy or sexualized in any way? That’s probably the only good point I can come up with. Given how boring this was, I would almost prefer the cavalcade of butts from the absurdly over the top Keijo!!!!!!!! to something so slow and uninspired that it may be the cure to my chronic insomnia. I guess there is something admirable about our lead character and her desire to GANBARE! her way into cycling, but it’s all so straightforward and presented in a manner that we’ve seen a million times before. Cute pastel girls in a niche hobby, the activity doesn’t matter, they’re all the same.


So I apologize, I copy and pasted all of that from my Magic of Stella review. Look, it’s getting late in the First Look season and I’m getting tired, OK? That said, this essentially the same show so the points stand. You could argue that putting the girls in college is a twist, but honestly the only difference in content is the fact that they’re not wearing school uniforms. And so much like Stella and a million other shows like it, there’s nothing glaringly wrong with Long Riders per se but it commits the cardinal sin of being boring. Best to just skip and be happy with all the other good shows we have this season.

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