Sound! Euphonium 2 Episode 8


“Rhapsody In Flu”

Wednesdays 12:30 pm EDT on Crunchyroll

Asuka continues to miss practice, putting her participation in the Nationals in jeopardy. Kumiko is stuck home with a cold and must confront Mamiko, who has finally explained her reason for leaving college.

Jel’s Thoughts

As I said last week, drama is best when there’s no clear answers and that seems to be the case again with Mamiko’s situation. I’m leaning toward taking her side as parents should have the primary responsibility of listening to what their child wants to do and helping them get there. In this case, it seems they chose to ignore her and pressure her to do what they wanted. On the other hand, you can kind of understand Dad’s point that if she was really passionate about her goal she should have pushed harder. They let Kumiko do what she wants because she made a clear decision and stuck with it. I’m still putting more blame on the adults, but I don’t think it’s black and white either.

The most interesting part of this episode though was learning more about Kumiko’s relationship with her sister. Watching how her unconditional adoration eroded over the years was heartbreaking and all too real. I still think Kumiko may be harsh in taking their parents’ side, but you can see how she’s been hurt too. I love that Reina was there to witness Kumiko’s outburst. Letting someone see your famiy drama is a surefire sign that you’ve become very close. Add that to the long list of unspoken and natural progressions in their relationship that makes it so good.


Less impactful this week was the continuation of Asuka’s drama. Not much happened really, just confirmation that she hasn’t been showing up much and she might not be included for the Nationals. It also supports my theory last week that we are being set up for Natsuki to return and for Kumiko to take the #1 euphonium spot. Of course with Asuka’s situation sounding awfully similar to Mamiko’s, you have to wonder if Kumiko is going to encourage her to tough it out in their one on one meeting. No matter the outcome, we’ve got some nice tension boiling on all fronts and I’m just as excited for the next episode of Euphonium as I’ve ever been.

Quick final notes: Shuuichi should just go after Mamiko, she seems way more interested. Also, Reina is a MUCH better spy than Kumiko.

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