The Roundup: Fall 2016 Volume 7


In this week’s installment…

No March Comes In Like a Lion this week makes me sad and Yuri doesn’t deliver anything quite as historic as last week, but the Roundup is still as strong as ever. Now go watch Girlish Number and then call your parents, they’re probably worried about you.

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Girlish Number
Episode 7: “Curious Chitose and Parents’ Day”

Wednesdays 1:00 pm EST on Crunchyroll

Jel: If Kuzu-P isn’t brutally murdered by the end of this series, I will be very disappointed. His little phone incident and subsequent blame shirking was one of the most infuriating moments I’ve experienced in a long time. That said, the reaction to send the entire cast and a few producers to apologize seems a bit much. Fortunately it all worked really well in contrasting Shibasaki’s “normal” parents compared to Momoka’s voice acting pedigree. I also loved how they portray the maturity gap between the older girls and the younger ones. Koto’s lines about parents getting old were not only spot on, it further highlighted that Chitose is a petty little brat. It’s good to know there at least some likable characters to pull for in this show.


Girlish Number – Who can I pay to murder this man?


Yuri!! On ICE
Episode 8: “Yuri vs. Yuri The Horror!! Rostelecom Cup, Short Program”

Wednesdays 3:00 pm EST on Crunchyroll

Artemis: This wasn’t the most eventful or exciting episode – in fact, it seemed to do little more than exist as a convenient bridge to go from plot point A to B – but actually, in terms of overall storytelling it felt a lot smoother and better-paced than last week’s. Sure, it was basically just setup, but it was important setup, and I can tolerate that when the payoff makes it worthwhile… and this is Yuri we’re talking about here, which means the payoff is practically guaranteed. And I’m very much looking forward to witnessing that; I never thought I’d see any kind of direct relationship dynamic between Yuri and Yakov at all, and it should make for one hell of an interesting watch. Meanwhile, poor Makkachin’s life hangs in the balance (people/animals choking on mochi IRL does happen on a fairly regular basis, by the way), and while I don’t particularly care about Makkachin, I totally buy that Yuri does. As anyone who’s had a long-time pet of any kind probably knows, they truly do become family, and their loss can be devastating.


Kiss Him, Not Me
Episode 8: “I’m At a Disadvantage”

Saturdays 1:00 am EST on Crunchyroll

Aqua: Nanashima’s wasn’t exactly the most entertaining member of Kae’s harem up to now, but this episode probably won the guy some fans. Quite the achievement, given that he came awfully close to crossing a definitive line tis week. I remain utterly baffled at the continued popularity of the almost-sexual-assault-but-not-quite trope in shoujo anime, but at least Kiss Him, Not Me had the decency to make Kae point out that the trope exciting her in her beloved manga doesn’t make her enjoy it in real life. Like last episode, the ensuing drama makes for another sudden mood whiplash, as Nanashima’s darkest hour is directly bookended by countless jokes about his love for off-brand magical girl knock-off Puri Puri Moon and heartwarming moments involving his precocious younger sister. It’s jarring, but honestly preferable to how these shows usually end up – with all the gags and charisma frontloaded, and all the contrived misunderstandings and tragic catharses delegated to the back half. Variety is the spice of life, as they all say, and for a show with such a one-note premise, Kiss Him, Not Me is surprisingly decent at it.


ClassicaLoid – Moustaches are acceptable for Girls’ Day Out


Episode 8: “Girls’ Day Out”

Saturdays 7:00 am EST on Crunchyroll

Jel: Liszt is the best written character in this show. I think I’ve always known this subconsciously and now this episode has made me realize it. She has a combination of self awareness and compassion that is completely different than the tunnel vision of the other Classicaloids. Her all inclusive message regardless of gender or whatever other circumstances has been surprisingly sweet. I’m probably over thinking things again, so let’s just get to the funny bits: the karaoke scene was hilarious, as was Tchaiko-chan’s fourth wall breaking psychological melt down. It feels like things are coming to a climax in the silliest way possible. I’m kind of glad that Claskey Klasky didn’t abandon ship altogether and we still have some kind of antagonist in place. Where we go with it is anyone’s guess, but ClassicaLoid has built enough of a good track record at this point that I’m down for whatever they have in store.


March Comes In Like a Lion
Episode 8

Saturdays 1:00 pm EST on Crunchyroll

Jel: March was pre-empted for other programming this week so no new episode. It is scheduled to return next Saturday.

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