The Roundup: Fall 2016 Volume 9


In this week’s installment…

Yuri On Ice makes history again with possibly the best plot twist of the year. We also get a healthy dose of bittersweetness from March Comes in Like a Lion and… Classicaloid???

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Girlish Number
Episode 9: “Uneasy Chitose and the Scampering Rookie”

Wednesdays 1:00 pm EST on Crunchyroll

Jel: I’m much more interested in Girlish Number’s industry insight and social commentary than the characters themselves, or you could say I’m more interested in them as symbols than people. In that sense, I was hoping Chitose and Kuzu-P would remain iredeemable. That doesn’t seem to be the case as both hit their rock bottom moments this week and are probably on the road to redemption. I can accept Chitose since she’s the main character and perhaps having her attitude adjusted would be a way of saying there is still hope for this industry. But Kuzu? He’s the symbol of what’s wrong, and will probably always be wrong to a certain extent. While I don’t think the show should be 100% cynicism, Kuzu turning his life around might be too optimistic for the tone that’s been set over the past nine episodes. Fortunately this show has a habit of surprising us, so let’s hope that’s the case in the final episodes.


Yuri On Ice – Phichit as audience proxy, part 2


Yuri!! On ICE
Episode 10: “Gotta Supercharge It!! Pre-Grand Prix Final Special!”

Wednesdays 3:00 pm EST on Crunchyroll

Artemis: Man, Yuri On Ice totally fooled me this week. Here I had figured the audience was being set up for nothing more than a filler episode – and to be fair, I suppose in a small way it was, in that it was a chance to breathe before the tension ramps right back up again. Even so, the episode was so much more than that, and I enjoyed the hell out of it. First off, having Victor narrate much of it was pretty cool; despite being one of the two main protagonists, I’d argue he’s also the character we know the least about. Seeing how he thinks, where his instinct as a coach takes him, was actually pretty interesting despite nothing of particular note happening during the first ten minutes or so. And then I found myself nearly snorting the water I was drinking out of my nose because damn, I had not expected to laugh like that. This comedic timing in this episode was so good, and that equally unexpected ED was the icing on the cake. An early Christmas cake, because I was alternating between cringe-laughing and unapologetically squeeing my fangirl heart out for the entire second half of the episode. Occasionally both at the same time, which takes real talent. Anyone still desperately trying to maintain that Yuri On Ice is more interested in peddling yaoi-bait than depicting a genuine and beautiful relationship is clearly just in denial at this point, and I couldn’t be happier about that.


Episode 10: “My Beloved Jolly”

Saturdays 7:00 am EST on Crunchyroll

Jel: I haven’t mentioned this since our preview of the show, but I feel like it should be noted now: Yoichi Fujita is good at directing heavy parts of silly shows. In the second half of Classicaloid we’ve seen Mozart coping with the death of his mother, Beethoven accepting his hearing loss, and now Chopin missing the love of his life. Each episode has an appropriate pinch of emotion without asking the audience to take things too seriously. I found this episode amusing as the writer clearly knows a thing or two about vocaloids. Even the plot of the episode itself is basically the premise of half the vocaloid songs ever written. It makes for a very funny episode, but that extra dose of bittersweetness is what really makes it special.


March – I always thought Dragon Quest games were boring, but this is on another level


March Comes In Like a Lion
Episode 9: “Chapter 18 Distant Thunder (Part 2) / Chapter 19 Distant Thunder (Part 3)”

Saturdays 1:00 pm EST on Crunchyroll

Jel: I’m going to sound like a broken record if you just read my paragraph on Classicaloid, but March has also been a fantastic example of mixing serious with silly. In March’s case it’s the other way around where humor is injected into primarily heavy drama, resulting in a more satisfying experience. This week’s episode could have been an extreme downer, with Rei being forced to end a man’s career and Kyouko achieving her goal of making his life miserable. Instead we got something slightly goofy and heartwarming, with just a pinch of introspection and sadness to give you something to think about. I couldn’t but smile seeing Rei bond with Mr. Matsunaga, and cheer when Rei stood up to Kyouko when she called to gloat. That’s a much happier place than I expected to be by the end of the episode, and I’m glad it worked out the way it did.

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