First Look: Idol Incidents


Alternative title(s): Idol Jihen
Anime original by MAPPA
Streaming on Crunchyroll


For some reason, there’s a Heroine Party in the Japanese government composed entirely of an idol group. I’m not sure what the political purpose of this is, but hey, look! Idols!

Jel’s verdict: Uneventful

Mid-episode, I half sarcastically but half honestly declared this show “The Gunbuster of Idol Shows”. It’s been a rough season, I’m desperate, don’t judge me. ANYWAY, the weird premise of an underdog political party made of teenage idols rising up against The Man with hard work and guts is just crazy enough to be interesting. You’ve also got the diamond in the rough protagonist paired up with the cold but talented potential super star, so the parts are there. I was hoping this would escalate into some kind ridiculous, over the top spectacle that could invigorate the idol genre the way MAPPA gave a shot in the arm to fantasy adventures with Rage of Bahamut: Genesis.

So yeah, that didn’t happen. The weird political angle is barely referenced and other than a few magical “auras” this was nothing more than a boilerplate idol show. About the only thing I found interesting was the Heroine Party’s recruiter and her somewhat cynical outlook about her job. That said, her little passive aggressive jabs were hardly scathing indictments on the industry. So in the end I’m left feeling the same way I did when I saw this come up in our season preview guide – let’s hope this does really well so that MAPPA can have the resources for the Bahamut sequel next season.


Iro’s verdict: Vote of No Confidence

For such a weird hook, this show sure had nothing to do with politics of any kind. Everything else about it was just bog-standard idol shit, and I’m so completely tired of that stuff that I see no reason at all to watch this one. I can’t blame MAPPA for paying the bills, but I sure don’t have to put up with this show. Pass.

3 thoughts on “First Look: Idol Incidents

  1. ” there’s a Heroine Party in the Japanese government composed entirely of an idol group.”………Literally thought this show was about heroin, idols, and politicians. That being said I neeaaaarly started watching the show before re-reading that sentence. Anyhow here’s to mappa making $$ for the Bahamut sequel!

  2. MAPPA doesn’t even need this one to do well, Yuri on Ice is destroying sales this season, if they’re gonna get money for Bahamut 2 it’s gonna be from there rather than this milquetoast show

    • To be honest, most of the funding for Bahamut will come from Cygames, the people who make the game it’s supposed to be promoting. The sheer creative freedom they gave MAPPA, plus the actual money to fully realise it, is what that show owes its greatness to. It was a huge investment for Cygames, but apparently, it paid off.

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