First Look: Scum’s Wish

Hanabi and Mugi seem like the perfect couple, but in reality, their hearts belong to someone else: Hanabi is head over heels for her homeroom teacher, who she’s known ever since she was little, while Mugi has the hots for his former tutor. No one knows they’re only dating to share their grief and soothe their own loneliness. Yet how much longer can they keep up the charade when the targets of their affections start getting closer to each other?

First Look: ChäoS;Child

Set some time after the events of ChäoS;HEAd, a group of students are investigating a series of deaths that look awfully like the return of the New Generation Madness murders.

First Look: Onihei

It’s Edo-Period Japan, and a group of military police tasked with arresting thieves and arsonists is led by the charismatic but ruthless Hasegawa “Onihei” Heizou. Fugitive Kumehachi is captured and asked by Heizou to turn spy, using his knowledge as an ex-thief to help the group bring other criminals to justice.

First Look: Gabriel DropOut

​When angels (and apparently demons) graduate from angel (and apparently demon) school, they descend (ascend?) to Earth and finish their education in human high school. Gabriel finished at the top of her class in angel school, but after discovering online gaming she can barely be bothered to leave her apartment.

First Look: Interviews with Monster Girls

After being the stuff of legends for centuries, demi-humans are on the long and arduous path towards integration in human society. Dedicated to distinguish truth from myth, biology teacher Tetsuo Takahashi would love to write his PhD on these “demis”, but has never met one in real life. That all changes when his new colleague outs herself as a succubus and one of his students introduces him to a girl without a head.

First Look: Idol Incidents

For some reason, there’s a Heroine Party in the Japanese government composed entirely of an idol group. I’m not sure what the political purpose of this is, but hey, look! Idols!

First Look: ēIDLIVE

Chuuta Kokonose is a perfectly ordinary middle school boy, except for as long as he can remember he’s been bugged by a strange voice in his head. Rather than seek medical attention , he’s instead conscripted by the secret space police force ēIDLIVE, who want him to capture an alien criminal to prove he’s up to the challenge of joining them.

First Look: Little Witch Academia

Inspired as a child by the witch, Shiny Chariot, Akko Kagari enrolls at Luna Nova Magical Academy to achieve her dream of becoming a witch. Unfortunately, she has seemingly no magical powers, putting her at odds with the school and its students. Undeterred by this, Akko, along with her friends Lotte and Sucy, embark on the path to magical mastery.

First Look: Spiritpact

Keika is the heir to a famous family of exorcists, who now scrapes by as a street fortune teller following the death of his parents. Shortly after encountering another exorcist named Ki, Keika is hit by a car and becomes a ghost, and is asked to make a pact with Ki in order to fight evil spirits together.

First Look: Urara Meirocho

Four girls are invited to Meirocho, a city know for fortune telling. They begin training to be become an “Urara”, the most powerful and prestiguous of the fortune tellers. One of the girls is also looking for her mother, who is supposedly somewhere in the city.

First Look: Saga of Tanya the Evil

In 1920’s not-Germany, not-Nazis battle the despicably evil invading forces of the not-French with magic guns and flying mages. Defending the glorious Fatherland is the titular Tanya, a blonde haired blue eyed girl who looks about ten years old and is a real piece of work let me tell you.

First Look: Seiren

Shouichi Kamita is just your average teen. Since he’s the main character of a show from the makers of Amagami, he doesn’t gain super powers, or have all the best grades immediately, or get it with all the girls… well at least not all at once. He’s just a regular boy trying to figure out his place in life. Recently he’s been flirting with fellow classmate Hikari Tsuneki, but questions about his goals for the future lead him to focus on improving himself.

First Look: Fuuka

Yuu Haruna, our protagonist, gets beaten up by a girl he hasn’t met before when she thinks he’s taking photos of her panties. Then they form a band?

First Look: Masamune-kun’s Revenge

Masamune-kun is a miserable narcissist who has spent his youth dieting and strength training to become the hottest guy in school. This has all been in service of a long con against fellow terrible person and former crush, Adagaki Aki, to get her to fall in love with him so he can dump her. It’s pretty messed up.

First Look: Akiba’s Trip The Animation

Akihabara has been beset by mysterious creatures who possess humans. Weak to direct exposure, they can only be defeated by removing the clothes of their host, even if said victim isn’t wearing much to begin with. I don’t fucking know man. Tamotsu Denkigai is your regular hapless NEET waste of space who suddenly finds himself drafted into the fight to save Akihabara.