First Look: Attack on Titan Season 2

Alternate Titles: Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2
Manga Adaptation by Production IG
Streaming on Crunchyroll


Eren Yeager and his boxcutter-wielding friends are back, murdering more naked giants and encouraging people to cosplay. We pick up where we left off in season one, after the capture of someone notable and with a dorky face peeking through a crack in the wall.

Euri’s verdict: A great return for the Eotena Onslaught

With Attack on Titan‘s clumsily-paced second half being coupled with an anime hiatus of four years, I can firmly say that my interest in a second season wasn’t remotely close to what appears to be a very hungry fanbase. However, I certainly did want to see where a second anime would take us with enough time, in theory at least, to resolve some of the production issues that plagued the original release. With the new anime at 13 episodes versus the original’s 25, would we finally see a consistently paced and entertaining Attack on Titan?

The first episode presents a good argument that yes, this may well be the case.

Credit where credit is due, I appreciate that Attack on Titan takes its own popularity into account. It gets away with only spending a few minutes on recapping the events that happened at the end of the previous season, instead choosing to dedicate more time to new developments. This may seem like a minor point, but with My Hero Academia Season 2 pulling the complete opposite, it’s worth mentioning. It also isn’t afraid of continuing immediately where its predecessor left off, as we learn more about the wall titan in the opening moments. It’s hard to say whether this pacing is due to the episode count of this season or not, but do note that this episode limited the protagonist to a short scene is his rest bed, and that’s more than okay given the events in the rest of the episode.

The wall titan has frightening implications for those living within the walls. The titans coming from the south have thrown the scouts out of the pan and into the fire. The situation looks dire from the outset, and I dare say that I’m excited to find out where we go from here, if waiting with bated breath in the hopes that it all pays off.

colons’ verdict: I am hopeful

If you like the good bits of season one, it seems based on this first episode that you’ll like season two. It does what season one did well, and it continues to do it well. There are interesting reveals and new concepts that I am excited to learn more about, and one thing in particular that I suspect is going to have a spectacular mechanical payoff. The only hangup I have is that episode one of season one was also really good, and that didn’t last. Encouragingly, though, this season is going to be half as long, so hopefully they won’t have to stretch quite as much.

2 thoughts on “First Look: Attack on Titan Season 2

  1. There’s definitely a few things in this first episode that are going to grab the audience again (mostly more questions that hopefully eventually get an answer). I’m hoping this season is great but I’m still cautious given the second half of season 1 kind of faltered and we’ve had a long gap.

  2. tyrannosaurus,alligator and orangutan titans…super excited…….I dunno for me this was a very underwhelming episode after a 4 year hiatus….and all those weird titans…Is this going to be the Beast Kaido season?

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