First Look: Battle Girl High School

Game Adaptation by Silver Link
Streaming on HIDIVE


There is a high school for girls in which they do battle.

Jel’s verdict: Nope

It becomes pretty clear early on this is an anime based on one of those mobile games were you collect dozens of cute anime girls. It takes the bulk of the episode just to introduce the cast, which they unwisely try to squeeze in at least nine (I lost count) characters that we are somehow supposed to remember. Spending much time on the plot and setting probably wouldn’t have helped much though, as the recycled bits of idol and magical girl anime are about as generic as the series’ title. About the only positive thing I remember is they manage to pull off magical girl transformations with the girls keeping their clothes on. Now that’s innovation!

While there’s not much more to say about the show itself, I do want to mention that this is the first exclusive series from new anime streaming service HIDIVE, which is essentially the zombie version of The Anime Network’s streaming catalog. To watch this episode I tried their seven day trial and I was not impressed. The site itself looks slick, but the video quality was very poor and they inherited TAN’s yellow hardsubs. Just take a look at the screencaps in this post and you’ll the get the idea. The selection of series was also very small but seeing as they have inherited TAN’s streaming catalog that will probably increase rapidly. The size of the library isn’t going to matter if the video quality doesn’t improve though, and rather than some decent competition for Crunchyroll it looks like the current state of anime streaming is only getting muddier.

2 thoughts on “First Look: Battle Girl High School

  1. For the record, HIDIVE seems unable to fix its subtitles on iOS devices, where they show up right in the middle of the screen. I don’t know why that isn’t something that can be easily repaired, but they’ve been telling me it’s a “known issue” for the past two weeks!

    • I looked for an iOS app but I didn’t see one, so I’m assuming you’re watching in browser? Currently I am trying to login to cancel my trial account and just getting a bad gateway error, so that’s encouraging. I guess on the bright side I’m not expecting to get many exclusives anyway, if they continue down the same path as TAN.

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