First Look: Killing Bites

Manga Adaptation by LIDENFILM
Streaming on Amazon Prime


Nomoto helps his asshole friends kidnap schoolgirl Hitomi, but he soon finds himself the lone survivor as she reveals she’s a genetically engineered animal/human hybrid, created to take part in a series of deadly deathmatches.

Zigg’s verdict: This Bites

This kind of tits’n’gore schlockfest would have felt dangerously passé twenty years ago, never mind now. Even if we leave aside the extremely troublesome nature of the content (just because the attempted rapists get sliced up doesn’t mean it’s, you know, OK to show that kind of thing happening), the story here is so hackneyed and one dimensional that it’s tiresome just watching it. There’s no attempt to give anything depth or meaning beyond surface level shock value, and the story doesn’t just embrace cliche, it wallows in it. That might work if this were in any way tongue-in-cheek or knowing, but instead it’s like being repeatedly beaten around the head with an early 90’s copy of Spawn. Avoid.

Iro’s verdict: More Like “Kill Me” Bites

This feels like it should have aired in the 80s, it’s full of that much pointless violence and fanservice. Like, the show’s opener is a bunch of guys trying to rape the female lead, whereupon she murders them with her super animal powers (that conveniently leave her in bra and panties, while her later opponent fully transforms into a humanoid animal). Apparently the original manga was penned by the artist of Witchblade, so that should pretty much let you know what to expect here; skip this unless you really have a hankering for honey badgers or something.

One thought on “First Look: Killing Bites

  1. I wasn’t expecting much from this. Going by what I saw from the PVs, it looks like the female characters will look humanish when they transform, while the men will change completely. But even then, I gave it a chance and was even more disappointed. Like you said, it felt one dimensional and boring, even though there was tons of action here.

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