First Look: Dropkick on My Devil!

Alternative title(s): Jashin-chan Dropkick!
Manga Adaptation by Nomad
Streaming on Amazon Prime


Yurine has accidentally summoned a real devil, but Jashin-chan can only return to hell if she murders Yurine. Anime comedy “antics” ensue.

Iro’s verdict: Still Bad

I rolled this for our ancient Random Manga Theatre feature five years ago, and thought it was “Boring and Unfunny” back then. It still is, recycling the same joke and pretending it’s hilarious due to the presence of various monster girls and whatever the pointless gimmick of the day is. An utter waste of my time.

Jel’s verdict: Cut It

What is up with outlandish, over the top comedies this season somehow managing to be boring? The graphic cartoon violence and fourth wall breaking jokes in this show were actually pretty good. The problem is 90% of the episode was filler. I don’t want to sit around talking about hot pot or plan a birthday party, I want more dumb jokes like Jashin-chan using a remote control to mask her injuries with censor blur as she plots her next murder attempt. Maybe this would have worked as a 2-6 minute short but it most certainly does not work stretched to a full length episode.

In a way this kind of reminded me of a lower budget Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, if you just swapped the murder for sex. I had some major issues with that show, but it did cover a wide range of topics and moods and it was actually very good at least 50% of the time. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but if you like the idea of this show maybe go watch that???

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