Legend of the GLORIO Heroes Episode 13: No More Parties at Nu-san’s Sushi

We continue across the sea of stars, where Gee and Iro watch the seminal 1988-1997 Legend of the Galactic Heroes OVA a few episodes at a time. Keep an eye out for this podcast between main installments of The GLORIO Chat as we work our way through the history books.

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Opening Song: Sea of Stars
Ending Song: Crossing the Bridge of Light (Orchestral Version)

Show Notes

This installment covers episodes:

  • 36. Thunder
  • 37. The Abduction of the Young Emperor
  • 38. The Arrow is Loosed

03:29 – Episode 36 – Thunder

03:50 – AYCE at Nu-san’s Sushi

04:29 – Phezzan is up to no good

06:12 – Reinhard gets set off

07:40 – The Eponymous Thunder

09:13 – The Bungling Poet and Leopold Schumacher

11:28 – Hilda and Annerose (and Konrad)

13:30 – Why is Reinhard an angel??

16:34 – Contrast between Hilda and Oberstein

18:55 – Annerose’s potential power

21:44 – Reinhard puts the screws to Phezzan

26:06 – Episode 37 – The Abduction of the Young Emperor

26:20 – Neue Sansoucci is HUGE

27:00 – Is Erwin Josef II okay? What’s with this kid?

28:06 – This Ring Has Been Passed Down the Lansberg Line for Generations!!

29:25 – Phezzan is tugging their collars a bit

31:24 – Reinhard is already a war monger and a killer, but how much further can he go?

37:53 – Legend of the Galactic Heroes presents both sides

40:30 – The Empire’s power structures

42:00 – The Kidnapping of Erwin Josef II

44:59 – The Aftermath

47:19 – Mittermeyer is alright

48:05 – Hard and Soft Power

52:50 – Episode 38 – The Arrow is Loosed

54:37 – Phezzan still gonna Phezzan

56:05 – We Love the Yang Squad

59:22 – Job Truniht’s very important message

1:01:48 – What the fuck is Job Truniht’s deal?

1:08:02 – Konev is a square

1:09:40 – Yang has the right idea regarding how to handle this situation

1:11:45 – Iro gets mad over bad faith arguments made by oppressors

1:14:01 – Reinhard’s Speech


1:16:45 – A New Status Quo

1:18:00 – One last bit of Phezzan gonna Phezzan

1:19:00 – Housekeeping

And don’t forget that Legend of the Galactic Heroes is available for streaming on HIDIVE!

4 thoughts on “Legend of the GLORIO Heroes Episode 13: No More Parties at Nu-san’s Sushi

  1. Before I forget again, you know how people urged that you guys don’t watch the previews because of spoilers but it also extends to episode titles. I swear to Kircheis that it’s true and episode titles will spoil what happens so please read the title after watching.

    Also golden wings gets an almost universal don’t watch from people that have seen it. The other good movie aside from the pilot movie is Overtures to a new war it is the better version of the very first battle. From better graphics to more detail and screen time to explaining the lead up and the battle itself.

    • The show itself always leaves the titles for the end of the episode, and with titles like “Goldenbaum is Felled” and such we’ve definitely been avoiding them.

    • Golden Wings is worth *reading* though if you can find it in a language you can read. It was a story written by Tanaka specifically for the manga (and it was in fact the first non-novel LoGH ever published) and it’s perfectly fine, I’ve no idea what happened during its transition into anime.

      If you don’t particularly appreciate Reinhard as a character (as opposed to what he represents as a politician/figure of state) I suppose you’re not going to take a whole lot away from it, though, anyway…

  2. I believe regarding the guy in charge of guarding the emperor, the issue was that being old fashioned he would still commit suicide even if Reinhard pardoned him.

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