The GLORIO Chat Episode 37: You Gotta Give It a Good Crank

Jel and Iro welcome Chris and colons in their GLORIO chat debut. They share their anime origin stories and we chat about the news, anime we’re watching, and somehow Kaiketsu Zubat?

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Opening Song: “Emotional literacy” by┬áBRADIO

Show Notes

2:44 Chris just went to Japan and is therefore more interesting than us

4:08 Of course we were going to talk about Detective Pikachu

Chris’ Japanese cinema spoils

11:29 Colons’ anime origin story

13:13 Chris’ anime origin story


23:47 Zombie Land Saga sells a lot of copies, then appears in parliament (story)
29:28 Yoshitaka Amano does a portrait of Shinzou Abe (story)
35:04 Ultimate Macross Poll crowns Macross Frontier and Sheryl Nome (story)
42:13 Yoshiyuki Tomino comments on Into The Spiderverse (story)

50:03 Is Bloodstained actually coming out this Summer?
56:35 SINoALICE is finally coming to the West
1:01:14 Granblue Fantasy Versus announces beta, new character
1:10:20 DeNA announces a new Pokemon mobile game

1:17:05 Carole and Tuesday

  • Episode 4: “Video Killed the Radio Star”
  • Episode 5: “Every Breath You Take”

Carole & Tuesday referencing the greatest music video of all time

1:31:02 Sarazanmai

  • Episode 4: “I Want to Connect but You’re So Far Away”
  • Episode 5: “I Want to Connect but I Can’t Be Forgiven”

1:42:33 We somehow end up talking about Kaiketsu Zubat

Shout out to Neko Desu anime radio!

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