Neon Genesis EvanGLORIO Episode 4: A Work of Fan Fiction

In our newest podcast series, Jel, Iro, and Gee watch and discuss the iconic 1995 sci-fi mecha classic, Neon Genesis Evangelion. Join us and watch along before the upcoming Netflix release.

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Opening Music: “Good, or Don’t Be” – Neon Genesis Evangelion OST III
Closing Music: “Next Episode” – Neon Genesis Evangelion OST I

Show Notes

2:48 Episode 10: “Magma Diver”

  • EVA pilots don’t get to go on school trips
  • Misato pulling out the report cards
  • Shinji studying at the pool like a nerd
  • Of course Asuka is a genius
  • Order A17
  • Type-D Equipment is uncool
  • Gendo’s backup plan
  • Magma diving
  • The Eighth Angel, Sandalphon
  • NOTES: Anamolocaris
  • Misato’s scar

26:01 Episode 11: “The Day Tokyo-3 Stood Still” or “In the Still Darkness”

  • NOTES: This episode was animated by Studio Ghibli?
  • Doing future laundry and other mundane tasks
  • Magi and government by super computer
  • Unit 00 gets a fresh coat of paint
  • Gendo does not do parent teacher conferences
  • Mysterious blackout
  • The Ninth Angel, Matarael
  • NOTES: Is it the eight or ninth angel?
  • The only Gendo joke in the entire series
  • “The enemy of mankind is mankind”
  • Shinji wondering why they’re fighting god
  • Manually prepping the EVAs
  • This time Asuka has the crazy plan
  • Looking at the stars

50:30 Episode 12: “She said, “”Don’t Make Others Suffer for Your Personal Hatred”” or “The Value of Miracles”

  • Flashback to Second Impact
  • Misato’s promotion
  • Harmonics testing
  • Time to party
  • Gendo at the South Pole
  • The Tenth Angel, Sahaquiel
  • Major Katsuragi takes command
  • Does the bathroom conversation count as a title drop?
  • Second Impact Generation = Millennials
  • The Zone Defense Plan
  • Why does Asuka pilot the EVA?
  • Misato’s dad sounds like Gendo
  • Catching the Angel
  • Good work, Shinji
  • At the ramen stand
  • NOTES: Super important ad-lib
  • Why does Shinji pilot the EVA?

1:30:31 Thoughts about the show at the half way point

One thought on “Neon Genesis EvanGLORIO Episode 4: A Work of Fan Fiction

  1. So the unique thing about Anomalocaris was that for a long time its very alien form led people to think it might belong to a unique phylum of animals that no longer exists. Its name literally means anomalous shrimp because its mandibles looks like shrimp tails.

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