The GLORIO Chat Episode 46: Summer 2019 Wrap-Up

Jel, Iro, Gee, and Aqua say goodbye to the summer season, including talking about Granbelm for a really, really long time.

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Opening Song: “Emotional literacy” by┬áBRADIO

Show Notes

2:34 Iro and Gee finally saw Promare

13:05 Carole and Tuesday still hasn’t ended

24:55 Somehow Cop Craft manages a greater level of political nuance than Carole and Tuesday

34:19 Demon Slayer goes out the way it came

37:33 I did not Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks

43:20 Given ended in the most chill way possible and it’s great

51:27 O Maidens In Your Savage Season ended in the least chill way possible and it’s maybe not as great

1:04:15 Lord El-Melloi II’s Case Files {Rail Zeppelin} Grace Note is better than Fate Grand Order

1:15:07 Is Granbelm anime of the year?

2 thoughts on “The GLORIO Chat Episode 46: Summer 2019 Wrap-Up

  1. Regarding Demon Slayer, why ending on a training arc is bad? Why every series have to end in a climactic fight, can the characters just relax, cooldown, have character development and interaction instead of constant fighting?

    As for why they choose to end there, it just my guess but probably due to length of the 3 following arc. The next arc (The Infinity Train Arc) kinda short with only 13 chapters, good fit for a movie but would make season 2 have weird number of episode unless they add a bunch of filler. It would be best to adapt the 2 arcs after the Train arc into a season, the Red Light District arc and the Swordsmith Arc are both pretty long and follow each other. They also couldn’t skip the Train arc cause it contain some major developments. I do agree that the it a mediocre manga until the Spider Demon Arc, but after that it probably one of the better shounen manga, If not wouldn’t beat stuff like Neverland and MHA.

    • Short answer: it’s not really to my personal taste. If you think it’s fine, then it’s fine for you.

      Long answer: generally you want the end and the climax to line up. Having a slower paced training arc at that spot within the context of Demon Slayer being a “weekly manga that keeps going” makes sense. But when you’re working with a season-sized unit, having a full 25% of the show’s airtime be post-climax set-up for the next arc (set to air at some unknown point in the future) deflates the excitement.

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