Legend of the GLORIO Heroes Episode 36: Oberstein Brought the Mashed Potatoes

We continue across the sea of stars, where Gee and Iro watch the seminal 1988-1997 Legend of the Galactic Heroes OVA a few episodes at a time. Keep an eye out for this podcast between main installments of The GLORIO Chat as we work our way through the history books.

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Opening Song: Sea of Stars
Interlude Song: Fourth Battle of Tiamat (Bolero composed by Maurice Ravel)
Ending Song: Crossing the Bridge of Light (Orchestral Version)

Show Notes

This installment covers episodes:

  • 102. A Challenge to Arms
  • 103. Cosmic Mosaic
  • 104. Toward Peace Via Bloodshed

05:35 – Episode 102

07:50 – Versus Wagenseil

11:30 – Julian manages cooldowns

14:40 – Merkatz in for the save

16:30 – Julian’s first victory

17:35 – The Narrator is spitting fire today

21:00 – Empire preparing for war

25:00 – Episode 103

30:25 – Admirals off to Heinessen

32:45 – Meanwhile at Iserlohn (Also Bechdel Test, I guess)

36:20 – Reinhard still sick

37:30 – Rubinsky looks like hell

41:50 – Oberstein is cutting the grass

45:10 – Oberstein don’t give a FUCK

51:00 – Oberstein and Yang are similar

57:25 – Iro played Planescape Torment once and will never let you forget it.

1:01:22 – Episode 104

1:03:35 – Cannot even imagine Papa Reinhard

1:07:15 – How will everyone handle this situation?

1:09:20 – Down Ding Avenue

1:11:40 – Bittenfield also don’t give a fuck

1:15:05 – Iserlohn has to deal with this situation as well

1:18:10 – Who goes to Heinessen?


1:28:15 – Housekeeping

And don’t forget that Legend of the Galactic Heroes is available for streaming on HIDIVE!

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