First Look: Fairy Ranmaru


Alternative title(s): Fairy Ranmaru: Anata no Kokoro Otasuke Shimasu
Anime original by Studio Comet
Streaming on Crunchyroll


Five transforming fairy bishounen are sent to Earth to heal the hearts of humans – although it is strictly forbidden to form romantic or sexual relationships with any human (of the opposite sex, apparently). Naturally, their sacred task involves setting up a bar, going to high school, and generally wearing as little clothing as possible between times.


Artemis’ verdict: If Sailor Moon and Hell Girl Had a Fabulous Magical-Boy Baby

I can’t say this is good, but I can absolutely say I was entertained. Imagine, if you will, a cast of transforming fairy magical boys who are tasked with forming attachments with humans (likely all young women) in order to save their hearts (i.e. rescue them from their various life problems). Add an idol-style insert song per episode. Toss in a generous dash of weirdly dark societal s***t, like online bullying to the point of suicide, with everything presented in as unsubtle a way as possible. Finally, give everyone super cheesy lines, sometimes in English just for the hell of it, along with hilariously revealing outfits, but ensuring there’s plenty of skin on display between the action scenes as well. I’m talking just shy of R-rated – these guys basically look like gay strippers. The result is Fairy Ranmaru, an unintentional comedy that’s both not at all my cup of tea yet far more interesting than I would have given the main promo image or MAL synopsis credit for.

Magical boys not your thing? Me neither, but I’m actually going to suggest people watch the first episode of this, despite having no intention of watching any further myself. Sure, as to be expected, the music is your crappy generic idol boy fare, and no, neither the artwork nor animation speak of a large budget. However, there’s a ton here I just wasn’t expecting at all, and in terms of surprise comedy value, I’d venture to say you’ll get plenty of bang for your buck in just 20 minutes, although especially in the episode’s second half. So thank you, Fairy Ranmaru. May you continue to light the way of human hearts everywhere.


Jel’s verdict: Dance with Fairies

It’s been nearly six years and every time I watch one of these pretty boy shows, I still want it to be Dance with Devils. I’m disappointed every time, but this is the closest we’ve ever been. In fact, the good boys of Fairy Ranmaru almost come off as the angelic foils to the demonic jerks that made up the Dance with Devils cast. I mean at one point the main guy shouts “GO TO HEAVEN” in place of “GO TO HELL”, so that tells you a lot.

If you did not see Dance with Devils, the appeal was how ridiculously campy everything is, combined with the story taking itself 110% serious. Then the biggest hook, of course, is that it’s kind of a musical? You could probably say all of these things about Fairy Ranmaru, but to me it never quite gets ridiculous enough. When Dance with Devils played an insert song, they’d have crazy visuals like singing Pomeranians or something. In this show, the song plays over a generic power-up sequence that I guarantee will be used again in later episodes.

What we’re left with is an action packed, decently animated magical boys show that doesn’t do much to establish its own identity. That’s not enough for me to keep watching, but call me if any singing Pomeranians show up.

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