Lost and Found Volume 2: Absolute Anime Altruism

Seriously, this is a cry for help

Welcome to the second edition of Lost and Found, our convoluted question and answer segment where we tackle the most pressing issues from our recent search terms. Whether it’s a perfectly innocent inquiry about your favorite anime or a question that makes US question the depths of human depravity, we are here for YOU. In this outing, we totally focus on answering questions for the sake of helping our readers and not shamelessly plugging old posts or indulging my increasingly unhealthy obsession with Ranmaru Rindou.

“Anime of dojo turned into maid inn”

From what I understand that is literally the entire plot of Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride.

Okaerinasai, Master!

“Anime disco”

You might be thinking this, but you should be thinking this (Sorry, you’ll have to click the link if you want sound and you want sound, THANKS YOUTUBE).

“Banging her head on the wall”

Oh Kotoura-san, I miss you.

“Sward Art Online Lyfe”

Sward Art Online Lyfe, or SAOL as its called, is a little known doujin game in which you play a youth in the rough inner city cultivating a small patch of grass in your housing project. You inexplicably get gardening skillz you never did anything to earn and for some reason all the ladiez love you. Totally not something I just made up, look here’s the title screen:

This was one of the dumbest things I've done on this blog, I apologize

“Girl has heart shaped chastity belt manga”

You are looking for none other than Recently My Sister Is Unusual, a masterpiece that Iro covered in Random Manga Theatre #32. There’s actually an anime adaptation in the works and I’m sure he just can’t wait to cover it. *EVIL LAUGHTER MUWAHAHA*

“The Giga Ero-kawaii Definitive Episode 1 English Dubbed”

Speaking of Iro suffering, I’m pretty sure this is going to come up in every edition of Lost and Found. Is the universe really demanding a dubbed anime adaptation of the Glorio Blog’s greatest post ever? Someone call up Yuri Lowenthal.

“Ranmaru Rindou Hot”

I totally agree but…

and they are all wrong

“Where can I watch Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions is licensed by Sentai Filmworks and can currently be seen on The Anime Network or Hulu. You can also read Zigg and I arguing over every episode here. See? We can actually be helpful sometimes and I totally did not just include this to drive page views!

“Oreimo how did Kyousuke get injured in episode 8”

This is never clearly explained in the anime, but basically Kyousuke’s visit to Ayase’s house and subsequent tumble down the stairs in episode 10 happens right before episode 8. Take a look at his shirt for proof. Apparently those events take place consecutively in the novels and therefore make more sense so… wait, why do I even know these things? Why am I still writing about Oreimo???

“Top Anime Cat”

Here are the Top 5 Anime Cats, in descending order:

5. Chii (Chii’s Sweet Home)


4. Luna (Sailor Moon)


3. Sakamoto (Nichijou)


2. Azusa Nakano (K-ON!)


1. OH MY GAH, it’s Norio Wakamoto! This never gets old.

“Valvrave the Liberator Fanfiction”

Wait, Valvrave ISN’T fan fiction??? I’d say do a Naruto crossover, but that might make more sense than the actual plot.


So that’s all the time we have for this edition of Lost and Found. Just remember dear readers, if you have anything anime related you would like to ask the Glorio crew, just type it into Google and there will be an infinitesimal chance we will address it sometime in the next year… or you can just type something in the comments right now.

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