First Look: Sasaki and Miyano

sasaki miyano 00

Alternative title(s): Sasaki to Miyano
Manga Adaptation by Studio Deen
Streaming on Funimation


When high schooler and boys’ love fan Miyano has a chance encounter with a senpai named Sasaki, a delinquent with a heart of gold, sparks fly as Sasaki finds himself attracted to Miyano’s cute face, and Miyano soon finds himself opening up to the older student about his favorite manga genre.

sasaki miyano 01

Artemis’ verdict: Awwww

I’m not going to clock Sasaki and Miyano for the usual shtick, because the two main characters seem to be developing an entirely wholesome relationship that does far, far better than the vast majority of BL anime out there (and I won’t waste my time listing all the things the BL genre is typically known for – if you’ve watched a few, you’ll know exactly what kinds of tropes to expect out of productions like these, and exactly why Sasaki and Miyano deserves credit for not using them).

That being said, as refreshing as it is given the context, I don’t think Sasaki and Miyano is for me. There’s plenty of cutesy romance here, but not a whole lot in the way of depth or substance. If pastel-colored fluff is your thing (and there’s absolutely no shame in that), you may very well like what this anime has to offer. It’s totes adorbs, and I can certainly think of worse things to watch this season. Otherwise, probably give it a miss.

sasaki miyano 02

Jel’s verdict: Not Even Enough Substance to Make a Verdict Pun

This was cute and I want to like it, but there’s nothing of substance here. Both Sasaki and Miyano are generically nice people that lack any unique personality or chemistry that a laid back, mundane series like this needs. I’m also a bit annoyed with the self indulgent BL manga references, which I think puts this in the “manga about manga” genre I usually don’t like. At least they’re not making the manga themselves, or not yet anyway… I guess if you want to see some nice boys hang out and flirt with each other it might turn out OK, otherwise I found it kind of boring.

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