First Look: Fantasia Sango – Realm of Legends

Alternative title(s): Gensou Sangokushi – Tengen Reishinki
Game adaptation by Geek Toys
Streaming on Funimation


In the Three Kingdoms period of China, a group of ragtag misfits must hunt down the demons that are possessing people and turning them into rampaging monsters.

Zigg’s verdict: History Repeats

I feel like I’ve been saying this a lot this season, but there’s nothing technically wrong with Fantasia Sango. It’s not offensive, distasteful, politically incorrect, or laughably incompetent. It’s just so very, very dull. There’s no part of this show that hasn’t been done a thousand times before, and usually considerably better to boot. I understand that Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a foundational text of Chinese mythology, but you’ve got over 5000 years of history to pick from and a little variety might be nice. Our main heroes are all stock templates with very little to distinguish them or make you feel any attachment, and the very clumsy efforts at humour and character building fall completely flat. I do think Ouki’s penmanship-based magic has some cool flourishes, but when you’re down to saying stuff like ‘the spell effects were good at least’ you know we’re not dealing with a work of much substance here. If you’re hankering for some historical demon-hunting action I’d recommend checking out the infinitely more compelling Garo: The Carved Seal of Flames and leaving this one out to pasture.

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