Ten Years of GLORIO

Ten years ago today, we put out our first post, our first impressions of the Kingdom anime adaptation. We didn’t like it, and yet somehow ten years later we are still writing and talking about bad anime.

I thought about what we might do for our tenth anniversary, and I realized we’ve already done quite a few retrospectives during the GLORIO era. Rather than rehashing things we’ve already said, here’s a few links to check out:

The GLORIO Chat Episode 18: The recorded oral history of The GLORIO Blog

The GLORIO Decade: The best of the 2010’s

Five Years of GLORIO: Looking back at our first five years

GLORIO Best Anime of the Decade 2015: Our top anime of the first half of the 2010’s

It’s funny, if you told me ten years ago I’d still be doing this in 2022 I wouldn’t have believed it. I was already hesitant to start the blog because I wasn’t sure it would be something I would stick with, let alone do it for this long. And yet now, ten years later, if you told me I’ll still be doing this in 2032… yeah, sure, I probably will in some form. I’m having just as much fun as ever, particularly with the podcast, so why not?

Let me conclude with a big thanks to the rest of the GLORIO crew. You’ve been great teammates and, more importantly, good friends. Sharing the fun of our group chat with the rest of the world is what makes this thing work. And of course, thank you all out there for reading and listening, whether you remember us from the Japanator days (you’re still out there, right?) or found us more recently, we always love hearing from you. Here’s to ten more years.

8 thoughts on “Ten Years of GLORIO

  1. Woo! congrats on 10 years!!! I just got passed my one year milestone and I thought that was a long time, you guys are like the Super Senpai of anime blogging! Again, congratulations, 10 years is very very impressive. Here’s hoping for 10 more!

  2. And just like Super Sentai, we’ve ended up at a point where we’re just fighting the same monster wearing a different hat every single week!

  3. Just wanted to add my thanks to everyone who’s ever read, commented on, or listened to the stuff we put out there. Thank you all so much.

  4. Congrats on 10 years! Listening to Glorio Chat and Legend of the Glorio Heroes over the past few years has been a pleasure, and it’s helped me get through some really slow shifts. Thank you all so much for doing what you do!

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