First Look: Vermeil in Gold


Alternative titles: Kinsou no Vermeil: Gakeppuchi Majutsushi wa Saikyou no Yakusai to Mahou Sekai wo Tsukisusumu, Vermeil in Gold: A Desperate Magician Barges Into the Magical World Alongside the Strongest Calamity
Manga Adaptation by Staple Entertainment
Streaming on HIDIVE


Bland protagonist, who is also a wizard, summons a horny demon.

Euri’s verdict: I was promised entertainment

One thing that stood out to me from the get-go was that the show immediately drops us into a magical academy where protagonist was having a conversation with a professor, not bothering to introduce the setting or the academy. We do get a name, hamfisted into the conversation by the professor, but not having some narrator drone on about their elite and important magic academy felt bizarre.

The reason it didn’t do that is because it doesn’t matter – the magic and the school exist only as explanations as to how bland protagonist is interacting with a horny demon and his tsundere childhood friend. Mana exists in-universe so that there’s an excuse for the horny demon to kiss the protagonist, and she becomes his familiar to have a reason as to why a demon would continue to hang around. But she can totally break the contract whenever she likes so uh hey, at least she’s not his slave? Thanks anime.


There really isn’t much to say about the show beyond describing the levels of horny it reaches, and episode one manages classics such as ‘naked behind tactically placed smoke’ and ‘upskirt camera angle’. There is no story to be had in episode one as it instead chose to spend its time setting up a love triangle with the childhood friend instead.

The only positive I have to say about this one is that it isn’t ashamed of what it is – once the horny demon lady is summoned six minutes into the show, you know full well what you’re in for. If that’s what you’re after then more power to you, but this one very much isn’t for me.


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