Alternative title(s): Isekai Ojisan
Manga Adaptation by AtelierPontdarc
Streaming on Netflix


Seventeen years ago, some uncle got isekai’d. However, he was just in a coma and woke up back in the real world with an obsession with SEGA and wanting to know how they did in the console war. Oh, he can still do all his magic powers and stuff, and there’s regular shared flashbacks to mid-isekai uncle, so it’s just an isekai flashback show apparently.


Peter’s verdict: Isekai Guy Funny Moments

It seems today that all you see are guys hit by trucks joining shit RPGs.
But where are those folks when they come home…
…they made their families cry!

Lucky there’s an Isekai Guy!
Lucky there’s a brand new,
anime with no clue,
all the tropes that make us…

…mock and sigh!

He’s an Isekai Guuuuuuuuuuuuy!

isekai guy

Alright, jokes out the way, this show’s premise had some real promise. You had someone get isekai’d and put into a coma, there’s been some family issues while he was gone, and now he has to adjust to losing that 17 years. The official synopsis makes a big deal about the uncle being a big SEGA fan, not knowing how smartphones and high-speed internet works, modern anime tropes (like how he got isekai’d 4 years too early to recognise that a girl in the other world was tsundere, as 4 years later was when that trope got big in anime, etc). There’s room for comparisons to be made to the isekai world, dealing with the fact that you presumably thought you’d never see your family again, etc. The big one, though, is convincing people you were in a fantasy world for 17 years, or using that knowledge as part of your internal monologue as nobody would believe you until meeting someone else from that world who also woke up. Of course, this anime does essentially none of that.


What the first episode of this show does is:
1) deal with the console war, smartphones and high-speed internet stuff.
2) guy’s still got magic powers and flies all over the place to pick up online auction purchases without paying for shipping.
3) the latter half of the episode is essentially a clip show of what happened in the other world, turning the anime into an isekai reaction video.

I have absolutely no faith that this show will get any better, and it’s in Netflix jail, so I don’t think anyone will care either.


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