First Look: Parallel World Pharmacy


Alternative title(s): Isekai Yakkyoku
Light Novel Adaptation by Diomedéa
Streaming on Crunchyroll


Guy dies from overwork at a pharmaceutical company, wakes up in fantasy world with medieval level medicine. Also he has magical powers, a maid, and no shadow.


Peter’s verdict: So I finally got assigned one of these, huh?

Alright, so we’ve got an isekai. Protag is an overworked dude at a pharmaceutical company trying to find the cure for cancer because it killed his little sister. He’s obsessive about this job presumably because of the trauma of losing his sister mentally pushing him too hard. Then he dies of overwork and gets sent to another world.

Positive point 1: we get some actual back story to our protagonist before entering the other world, which includes interests and motive, so not a complete blank slate.


Reborn protag is now in nobility with super strong magic powers, stronger than the body’s previous occupant even (who got hit by lightning before protag entered the body). In fact, when his magic teacher attempts to measure his power level, it literally broke the scales, resulting in the teacher recoiling in fear. Then we see that protag no longer casts a shadow and our teacher breaks and runs away, calling our protagonist a monster. The people of this world being afraid of the protagonist’s crazy magic powers is interesting to me, but apparently not that uncommon. Unfortunately, they will do the same thing every other isekai does and “I must hide my crazy cheat powers” and nobody has to know, so this won’t actually change anything. The actual “powers so strong it breaks the measuring device” is super common, so I won’t comment.

Positive point 2: Protag not casting a shadow is something somewhat unique I guess.


We don’t get much world building in this episode, but the synopsis says that this is a world with medieval level medicinal knowledge, and our protag will obviously introduce modern medicine using his magic powers and stuff. There’s also going to be some classism stuff since “only the rich can afford medicine” and so our glorious protagonist will give medicine to the poor and…yeah this is just another power fantasy isekai huh.

Look, I managed to get two positive points out of me before getting annoyed. This show is a bland isekai that has just picked medicine as its big thing for the protagonist to show off with alongside the usual overpowered magic stuff. The protagonist doesn’t seem to care about being in this new world, just “yep, I must have died, let’s just accept everything” and can do magic within minutes of waking up too. Another one to just ignore. Sorry.


One thought on “First Look: Parallel World Pharmacy

  1. Yeah, this anime seems weirdly familiar even though I’ve only seen the first episode. Even though it’s just another cookie cutter isekai that I’ve seen a million times. Even though I can already guess exactly how this series is going to turn out. I’ll still probably watch at least a few episodes. I just can’t help myself! Besides, there’s a little bitty chance that it will actually turn out good and have some unexpected plot twists. It could happen!

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