First Look: Yuri is My Job!

yuri is my job title card

Alternative title(s): Watashi no Yuri wa Oshigoto desu!
Manga Adaptation by Passione and Studio Lings
Streaming on Crunchyroll


Hime is aggressively cute on the surface and must maintain that at all times. When she crashes into someone and covers for them at their job at a heavily themed cafe, your façade needs to mesh with everyone elses, else things might get a bit hairy…

here is the plot

Peter’s verdict: I hate this

Yeah no this isn’t my bag. It’s just constant second hand embarassement and sitting through even the entire first episode made me cringe so hard my face turned inside out.

Basically, protag puts on airs and acts cute on the outside when on the inside she’s only interested in marrying into money so she’s “not so cute on the inside” or whatever. On the way home she slips and bumps into some other girl who then effectively tricks protag to covering for her at the themed cafe. The cafe is a yuri cafe with an extensive backstory and traditions and what have you which obviously protag doesn’t know anything about, but tries her best anyway. Unfortunately, all her colleagues are fucking awful and refuse to get out of character to help so it’s just one embarassing event after another and god I just don’t care.

The show just sorta feels mean spirited and really not pleasant to watch and I’d much rather watch something else. Sorry.

that didnt take long

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