First Look: Irozuku Sekai no Ashita Kara

Tsukishiro Hitomi is lonely. She lives with her grandmother and reminisces about the time she used to spend with her mother, and when she was able to see the world in colour. While watching the fireworks she used to love, her grandmother uses time magic to send her into the past, to meet when they are both the same age. 

Ultraman R/B Episode 12

A powered-up Horoboros proves too strong for the Ultramen, leaving all three of them hospitalised. After three very obvious hints, Asahi finally figures out the human identities of Rosso and Blu. Also, she might be an alien now?

Ultraman R/B Episode 11

The conflict between Aizen and the Minato brothers reaches boiling point, as they duke it out in public view. A mysterious woman who is definitely not the missing mother shows up and summons an even more powerful Horoboros, to the surprise of all three Ultramen.

Ultraman R/B Episode 10

Not content with having his pizza cutter stolen, Aizen targets Rosso and Blu while they’re having a family picnic. He challenges them to a final exam to prove who is the better Ultraman, before summoning a furry for them to fight.