First Look: Smile of the Arsnotoria the Animation


Alternative title: Warau Arsnotoria Sun!
Gacha Game Adaptation by LIDENFILMS
Streaming on Crunchyroll


Five girls in a magic academy sit down for tea and scones.

Euri’s verdict: Arsnoretoria

Do you remember the first episode of Lucky Star, where the vast majority of the episode is spent discussing how to eat a chocolate coronet? 70% of this first episode is just that, except they’re talking about tea and scones instead. It’s painfully slow, meandering and just not that interesting.

Unfortunately that about sums Arsnotoria up, but I will caveat that the show does have more to get into. The husbando bad guys from the opening are only teased (and you can tell they’re bad guys because their leader is voiced by Tsuda Kenjirou), which means the girls in this episode only have a minor opportunity to show their magic. Presumably that’s what this series will spend most of its time on as this is an adaptation of a gacha game, so I’m sure they’ll want to get in a few anime fight scenes around the characters having teatime.


Still, this show moving at a snail’s pace is certainly the worst thing here, so I’m sure Arsnotoria will find its fans. While that won’t include me, I do appreciate one of the girls bringing up the correct way to pour a cuppa: milk first. I like my tea to scald my throat on the way down and pouring milk in after the water is for cowards.

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