First Look: The Dungeon of Black Company


Alternative title: Meikyuu Black Company
Manga Adaptation by SILVER LINK.
Streaming on Funimation


Everything trash about anime in one complete package.

Euri’s verdict: No.

While I hadn’t looked up the show ahead of time, it was fairly easy to guess this was going to be yet another isekai going by the name alone. It wastes no time getting into the thick of it either – we have a few minutes to establish the protagonist as an insufferable shit who makes a fortune, and now he’s been whisked away to another world so that he loses everything. This is fine, as much as the portal to another world stuff seems to exist purely to land itself in the isekai genre rather than having anything of interest to add to it.

But then the show gets going, and it become all too apparent that this is retreading the very worst of the isekai tropes. Barely clothed child who is actually a much-older dragon so it’s fine actually? Check. Enslaving people with magic? Check. Throw this on top of the aforementioned insufferable protagonist and you have a recipe for a downright painful twenty minutes.

I fully suspect there will be some defence to the whole slavery thing (again), because the protagonist is clearly the bad guy in the show and he gets attacked by the people he was controlling at the end of it. But this is meant to be a comedy, and him getting attacked is played up as a slapstick ‘oh you!’ moment. The Dungeon of Black Company is not out here to make a statement, and nor should it be, but at the end of the day it’s still loaded with dreadful tropes, an unimaginative story and a protagonist who, by the very nature of the show, will never get his comeuppance. If you insist on watching isekai shows, you can certainly do better than this one.


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