First Look: Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans

The year is 323 of the Post Disaster era. Centuries after a great war between Earth and Mars, Mars has been terraformed into a habitable planet that chafes under Earth’s rule. Amidst the growing Mars independence movement, Mikazuki Augus is a war orphan and member of Chryse Guard Security, a martian mercenary group. Gundam Barbatos, a weapon of a bygone era is housed at their headquarters, dormant and acting as a power supply. When CGS comes under attack from Earth’s military arm, Gjallarhorn, Augus steps into Gundam Barbatos and begins his fight against Earth.

GLORIO Fall 2015 Anime Guide Part 1

Like the changing of the leaves the Fall anime season brings a change in source materials, with the latest crop of shows full of light novel adaptations and anime originals. Part one of our guide is anchored by solid, know entities like Noragami and the inevitable return of the Monogatari series, but there’s a lot of other interesting new shows as well. We’re all at least curious to see if Mari Okada can turn the new Gundam series into anything less that a train wreck and I’m rather intrigued to see the stylish but infuriatingly misspelled Concrete Revoltio. Just watch out for those “Light Novel Mad Libs” shows that seem to make up the rest.

Pilgrimage to Mecha 07: Mobile Suit Gundam

Join us for our Pilgrimage to Mecha – where I go back in time and catch up on some of the classics and hidden gems of the mecha genre. Whether it was before my time or I simply missed out on them, it’s time for me to watch them and let you know why you should too!

This time, I share my thoughts on the progenitor of the storied franchise: Mobile Suit Gundam

Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode 25 and Final Thoughts

Weeks after the U-19 Championship match, our heroes attend the Meijin Cup Contest. For the first time in perhaps Try’s entire run, it finally remembers what made Gundam Build Fighters so good in the first place. Gunpla addicts Gee and Iro share their thoughts about the sequel to the hottest toy commercial of 2014, and why exactly it failed to live up to those expectations.

G-Reco Episode 26 and Final Thoughts

Arriving back on Earth, Bellri and the Megafauna find themselves caught between the Amerian and Capital Army. Between the various factions and the G-IT Corps in hot pursuit, it seems global war is inevitable. Determined to bring an end to the fighting once and for all, Bellri sets out one last time to prove he can bring peace to the world. Gee, Iro, and Marlin share their thoughts about Tomino’s heartfelt, but ultimately bizarre and incomprehensible entry in the storied franchise.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin Episode 1 OVA

The year is UC. 0068. The Principality of Zeon declares war on the Federation as relations deteriorate. Zeon’s leader, Zeon Zum Deikun dies under mysterious circumstances. With accusations of assassination being thrown about, Zeon’s leaders fall into in-fighting and the Zabi family makes its move to usurp authority. Amidst the turmoil, Deikun’s children, Casval and Artesia are thrown into the fray. A prologue to the the original Mobile Suit Gundam, The Origin follows the rise of Casval Deikun, the man who would eventually become Char Aznable, The Red Comet.

Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode 19

Sekai’s former classmate of the Jigen Haoh school, Junya, reveals himself to be Team Try Fighter’s next opponent. After years of training in a variety of other martial arts, he’s returned to destroy Sekai…in gunpla battle.

Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode 18

Team SD-R’s stupid looking dragon thing proves to be a formidable opponent. When even Sekai’s ridiculous martial arts antics aren’t enough to win the day, it may be time for Fumina to showcase the Star Winning’s secret weapon…

Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode 17

This week, Team Try Fighters faces Team SD-R, the creepy triplets known for their shrewd tactics and ruthless traps. Presented with an obvious trap that could be easily mitigated by the demonstrated abilities of our heroes, they decide to do the dumbest possible thing anyway.